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Bad Things Happen

Some people have read the piece of my book and wanted more so here it is.

        Rain pounded the roof of the Victorian house. Kira sat in the dark musty room. Her hazel eyes were closed and
her hands covered her pale face. She was thinking. Anyone knew that when Kira was sad, she thought. Suddenly, her hands
were moved and her big eyes opened. She had another vision. In her vision, her mother was crying, crying so hard, that
she went into deep depression and commited suicide. Kira knew that her vision would come true. 
       On the first story of the old house, a party was just beginning. The grand staircase was lined with white
candles. A beautiful woman and a very pale, ugly child ascended down the stairs, one by one. Marvin, their butler was
rushing around the room tidying up before the guests arrived. The older woman was holding the train of a peach dress
with empire beading down the chest of it. Her corset was working overtime to hold in her stomach. The child was dressed
in a very uncomfortable white dress that was plain and small. 
      Slowly, the room filled with guests. Each was carrying some of the finest wine in 19 century England, but no one
drank. Her father, Gregor Herald James lll, was going about shaking hands and exchanging greetings. Kira noticed that he
paid special attention to one lady, Madam Geraldine French. He would walk with her and look at her lovingly. She had no
clue of the danger that woman posed to her family.
       As the party ended, she noticed her father kiss Madam Geraldine goodbye. Her mother, one of the few who had drunk
wine, was passed out and being carried up the grand staircase to her bedroom. Kira knew her father was cheating on her
mother. Weeks passed and she forgot about it all.
    Kira sat alone in the dull, dark room, once again thinking. She could hear her mothers footsteps coming
down the hallway. The door creaked open behind her and filled the dusty room with a
fuzzy gray light. Her mother sat down beside her on the metal frame bed. It creakedunder the weight of the two. Kira
turned to face her mother and saw that she had been crying. Her eyes were puffed and red but she still had the beauty
which Kira lacked. Her mother sniffled, then said " Honey, I do not wish to tell you but I
must. I will just say it and stop acting so foolish. Your father is leaving!" Kira looked into her mother's gray blue
eyes and felt one stinging tear run down herface. She stood up and wiped the tear. She silently swept out of the room,
her silky black dress flowing like water behind her.

That is all I have so far. I hope you all enjoy and leave many comments.
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JTRoxUrSox says:   29 March 2007   691279  
That was a great story. You should add more.
evil_black_panda says:   30 March 2007   823978  
thats a really good story!! 
write more
kro3291 says :   1 April 2007   899862  
I'll ad more probably in a couple weeks. tell your friends about this.

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