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My Often Dissagreed With Opinion

*sigh* I expect to get a lot of narrow minded comebacks to this page. So to all of you who are offended by this page, here is a short mesage from me: "Please, for your own good, don't even waist your time. It won't bother me, I won't try reasoning with you, etc." I've come to realize that there are a few select people on kupika, and many more throughout the world and even my home town that think they are better than everyone surrounding them frankly because they are Christians and some others of us are not. Now hear me out! I was raised a Christian. I have CHOSEN not to be one. In fact it was a short time ago i quit going to church. I stopped attending because i felt that I had no business being there since I had nothing to do with the actual religeon. YES. I am aware the majority of my country is made up of Christians, as well as many other parts of the world. YES. I am aware there is a MASSIVE amount of kind, humble Christians. BUT, the following goes out to all of you who do think your better than others just because of what you were raised, taught, etc. to believe in. YOU ARE NO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE, REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEIR MORALS, VIEWS ON LIFE, AND BELIEFS ARE. Have I made myself clear? NO ONE SHOULD CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN OTHER THAN YOU AND YOU ALONE. DO NOT, FOR YOUR OWN SAKE, TAKE UP A RELIGEON OR BELIEF BECAUSE YOU THOUGHT IT WOULD IMPRESS, OR MAKE A CERTAIN GROUP OF PEOPLE THINK HIGHER OF YOU! STOP. ok. So mabye your a little offended at this point, thinking to yourself: "Well what does she know? What gives her the right to say that?" Don't worry, I'd be just HAPPY to tell you. >_> I'VE BEEN THERE. I MADE THAT MISTAKE. ok. happy? moving on. I personally don't believe in any religeon. I personally think its ignorant to believe humans know how it all happened so fast. KEYWORD: PERSONALLY Now, here's a bit of my back-up. I have lived in a small, southern-baptist town since I can remember. The majority of people I know are Christian. The majority of Christians I know do NOT associate with people that do not believe what they believe. STOP. This is what goes on in MY town. I never said anything about yours. This is the kind of behavior I feel injusticed to roll my eyes at. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does the Bible not state that all people are equal in God's eyes? If so, than why do the Christians in MY town act in that manner? *sigh* I don't expect any of you to understand what I'm trying to say fully, because you can't come jump inside my head and know EXACTLY what I'm thinking. But, thankyou for your time.
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  kristino — Page created: 20 July 2007
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Oroborus21 says:   20 July 2007   286774  
umm i understand you lol....and fully agree (as usual lol)
Oroborus21 says:   20 July 2007   328682  
though as i have said before and on my profile i consider myself "christian" but i
mean it in the sense that the teachings and ideas, the real ones, not the ones
filtered through some systematized organization, are worthy of emulating and
inspirational....and thus i am Christian in that the word really means to be a
follower of christ/jesus...

but i am happy not to be affiliated with any church or group and i could happily
never set foot in another church again except to observe the architecture....and on
the other hand i can see myself attendng a service of some church or group and
respectfully observing it and experiencing it and loooking at it from that point too
without having to feel like I am personally committting myself to it.

but you are awakening to a harsh reality, my sweet dear Kristin, that religion and
religious intolerance have been the major source of disharmony in the world and human

this is a sad fact...but i am hopeful in this new century that we can begin to move
humanity to the next level....
saralyn247 says:   20 July 2007   364964  
i am not really a religion... i guess sort of christian, but i don't go to church or
anything. and if there is a God, would he really care what religion you are? i agree
with you, but my town is different.
Jayney says :   21 July 2007   495536  
I'm not in a religion, but I still get interested in religious stuff. The only
Christian people I know in my town, is my (non-)friend Stephens parents and all the
old peoples >.>

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