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theres something about life and death...

ok guys so i was just thinking to myself.
and theres something about life and death.
that really scares us.
and before you [the reader] keeps reading,
please keep in mind these are my open thoughts with the kupika population and i dont want to be cristisized for not
agreeing with your personal beliefs.

so in the past couple months ive been very iffy on the matter of higher power/god/etc...
right now im at the point where none of it really matters to me.
i was taken occasionally to church as a child but nothing regular.
so its not like i was brought up under any particullar religeon.
when i was very young, i would cry and cry and cry at night until i fell asleep at night because i was scared of death
and what would happen when i died.
now, i kindof see it as a phase.
but i still think about it alot.
and sometimes it upsets me.
there are so many different possibilities on how earth came to be.
i myself think that no one will ever know the answer if they keep their thoughts narrowed to one religeon/belief/etc.
there are so many things human beings haven't yet discovered about the way earth works.
but personally;
i believe that the way we treat our planet to figure those things out is so unsanitary and bad for the earth that we'll
dystroy ourselves before we figure out the big picture.
and mabye its just best that we try healing things, or atleast giving nature a break for a bit.

but...what is it about human nature that makes the mere thought of death penetrate our minds so painfully?
now; i know some of you are strong believers in different beliefs...and aren't afraid of death anymore.
but the majority of us, are. because we are only human.

there have been times that i've thought to myself "there has to be another part to us humans".
what i thought in particullar regarding that was there must be a way we can sence things happening.
i dont mean tellepathic...or physic...or any of that.
but during my lifetime there have been so many different occasions that i have just randomly thought something was going
to happen and it ended up happening.
of course im sure your thinking "well thats called a coinscidence"
but sometimes i feel like theres more to it than that.

my point summing up this train of thought is that we should all widen our minds and except other cultures, nomatter how
different they are to our own.
for if we dont it only leads to conflict, physical conflict, war, and eventually...THE APOCOLYPSE.
dun dun DUNNNN.

the end.
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  kristino — Page created: 5 July 2007  |  Last modified: 6 July 2007
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Oroborus21 says:   6 July 2007   495523  
love your thoughts and i might have a lot to say..

i was wondering though have you ever seen the film: What the Bleep do We know?
starring Marlee Matlin? if not you should get ahold of it.

check this out too: you might be interested in it:
kristino says:   6 July 2007   749585  
nope i havent seen it.
kristino says:   6 July 2007   351552  
ooh whats the countdown for eddie?
Oroborus21 says :   16 July 2007   795674  
its basically an attempt at a mass meditation....and to impel some change with all
of that intention..i think the time is like at 2:11 your time tomorrow tonight
though..  that they want you to meditate for an hour...   for me tis 4:11

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