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Ok, I've been on for a while, but I am just confused.  

   I don't visit that often, like twice a week if that, but i do what i can, make friends, comment, do searches, ect.
one thing that confuses me though, is kupipoints.  I had like 5 at one point, but the little avatar got messed up and i
had to fix that and eventually, I had no more kupioints left.  
I've been on here a lot since then, but for some reason, I still have none at all.  I want to do lots of crap like
oekaki and stuff, but i need kupipoint for it.  I've got no clue how to earn it though. 
From what i understand, you just need to be an active member.  I've been doing that, and it's done squat.  If you have
any information, I reeeaaaalllyyy need your help.

And, as an addition what the heck are kupicredit?  Are they any different than kupipoint?

Thanx for your comments, and message or letter me if you want to.
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  kittysfurpeas — Page created: 6 May 2009
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‹Ninja.Pocky(っ>ω<)っ› says:   7 May 2009   822586  
Hi! I can help you! But only about the kupicredit. Kupicredit is used to post shout
outs for people to see. But you have to pay real money to get kupicredit. And for
your other problem, I don't really know. Maybe its just an error or something. But
when you make or change your avatar, it costs one kupipoint. I hope i helped you with
something! Tell me if its back to normal. ^_^
lollylovex3 says:   7 May 2009   445451  
Sometimes it happens; you stop earning points or a while, then after a peroid of
time, you start earning them like crazy. So be patient!
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   7 May 2009   574768  
Just do it the natural way. :D If you can, try logging in to Kupika at least once a
day, during that time period, enjoy yourself at Kupika. Post comments on diary
entries, join some discussions on the clubs you're in, comment on other peoples'
oekakis, send someone messages. That's it, you'll never notice that you've earned
many KPs!

P.S. And also, try to take your eyes off the KPs for a while like...hang a book on
top of the computer screen so you won't be able to see the KPs. XD Just my
suggestion. ^_^
‹+゚*。Magical Artemis。*゚+› says:   7 May 2009   239984  
Hora, see? I've commented a diary before I commented on your page, then I earned a
KupiPoint! My KPs are now 47. ^_^
‹★♥♪MeLiiNa Thз MuSiiC FrEaK★♥♪› says :   7 May 2009   265847  
Hey Im Gonna Help You 3 Kupipoints Only 

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