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Stories of the Kingdoms

Midgar Pt.1
                                                                                              Cloud and Zack
                                                                                               FFVII Crisis Core
                         Midgar powerful and mighty. Protected by a group called SOLDIER.
Sephiroth,Genisis,Zack,Cloud,and later Angeal. SOLDIER- ShinRa's group. Jenova cells inputed into them, yet they are
still human. All assistents to each other, not friends. Except for the two. Cloud and Zack. "We're friends... right?" As
they approached Midgar, they got attacked- ShinRa and the people defending it. Rufus ShinRa was suddenly face to face
with fire and an explosion. Cloud was laying KOed next to Zack. Zack's well being was unknown. Cloud woke up. Zack was
dieing. "Live."Zack said as pressing Cloud's head to his chest. When Cloud lifted his head it was covered in
blood-Zack's.  Cloud helplessly watched as his best friend died. Then Cloud screamed out in pain-emotional pain. Cloud
dragged off the buster sword and kept it as a memory of his best friend.

                                                                                               Destiny Islands pt.1
                                                                                               Kingdom Hearts
                                      Where am I?? What is this place? Is this for real...or not?? Sora all of a sudden
"woke up". "Kairi!!! Don't do that." he said as he was looking straight into her face. "Wow, she's beautiful." he
thought. He saw her mouth moving but was too distracted to listen. All of a sudden he heard his friend Riku. "Aren't you
two supposed to be working on the raft? Cause I'm the only one working on the raft. Kairi and you're just as lazy as
Sora is!!!"  So Sora and Kairi got the items they needed to finish the raft. They were all ready to go home when Riku
stopped Sora. In his hands was a paopu fruit. "Hey Sora! Catch! You wanted one didn't you? If two people share one their
destinies become intertwined. They"ll remain a part of each other's lives- no matter what. C'mon I know you wanna try
it." What'a you talking abou-"   "Ha, ha,ha,ha!!!!"
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