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dude, kingdom hearts hecka sucks! what's up with the story line? they
make donald and goofy look retarded. 

sora- looks like a girl
riku - girly hair, hes too tall and might bump his head on the door
kairis- pointless
mickey&minnie- i hate mice
donald&goofy- total dimwits
namine- i hate white, shes like a ghost
roxas- ur bullshit
axel- he's a gay
xemnas- ur name is mansex
selphie- ur fugly
wakka- what kinda name is that??!!!
olette- bad hairdo
pence- pig
hayner- you think your great at everything!!
fujin- dont you EVER talk??!!!
seifer- ur ugly
raijin- what up with ur speech??! 
dude, everyone in the game sucks!!

I also hate finaly fantasy!! whats up with the storyline?!!!
square-enix sucks!!!

i wonder if theres any in here, that way i can insult them.

PEACE -- EEERRRRRR WRONG, bitch! later losers.
i can say anything i want cuz guess what? ya dont kno me in real!!
you all suck!!!

got roxas; check! axel; check!(fuck you, axel! open ur mssgs!) kairi;
check! sora; check! olette; check!

LP Kingdom Hearts Act 2-3 Pictures, Images and
Photos dipshit, just hit it!!!

I hate Kairi but this is sooo funny 8D Pictures,
Images and Photoskairis a whimp!! look at her go! hahaha!!!!

this game sucks! Pictures, Images and
Photosthat woud be you!!

daaaammmmnnnnnn, she is the definition of
UUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLYYYYYYYY!!!!!! she thinks shes so coooooooooool
wen she talks like that!!!!!!
she never blinks!!!!! she doesnt move her lips wen she talks. shes
even more uglier from side-view and worse when she laughs in 4:42!!!!!
pangit na to!!!!
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‹SoraKudo.♥› 20 Jul 09  
Oh... 'BURN.' XD

That reminds me of Axel.

No matter.
-takes keyblade and a baseball and throws the baseball up in the air and then
hits with the keyblade and hits you straight in the eye-

kiNGdoM_heaRTs_haTeR 23 Jul 09  
oh yeah?w why don i take archer classs so i cn shoot u?
‹SoraKudo.♥› 15 Jul 09  
You sound like a major fan.
I admit That Kairi Has her moments, and Sora does sorta look like a girl,
But everyfan picks and makes fun of that.

Also, I didn't even know who half the people were on your account.
It's sad Since I've played through each game twice, And I don't remember the
side character names.

But it cracks me up to see how bad you are failing the trolling.
A good troll shouldn't show how infatuated they are in the subject.
If you hate it so much, How do you know the names of almost all of the

I'll consider you my enemy know. >:D

-takes keyblade from my room and smacks you on the head-

kiNGdoM_heaRTs_haTeR 18 Jul 09  
TheAsymbledKeyblade 14 Jul 09  
Because im actually wanted here.
kiNGdoM_heaRTs_haTeR 18 Jul 09  
how many frends do uhave dumcrakc
emovampiress 13 Jul 09  
Die. It will make everyone happier. You're just a kid with no life.
kiNGdoM_heaRTs_haTeR 14 Jul 09  
u die from blody mary.
TheAsymbledKeyblade 13 Jul 09  
You honestly think your better
you can't spell. You obsess over something you hate,
and thats sad,
And your a worthless piece of shit.
Dont go talk about us like you really know us.
Cause you don't.
You don't know shit.
So shut the fuck up,
and get off of kupika.
kiNGdoM_heaRTs_haTeR 14 Jul 09  
why don u?!
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