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possible story

I saw the soft black hair softly moving in the breeze from the windshield of my dad
Honda civic. The car he took me to soccer practice with the car we had so many talks
in. I saw my dad’s hazelnut eyes peer at me glazed over his breathing so shallow I
couldn’t tell if he was breathing.
	“Dad!” I choked out as I saw him reach a shaking hand towards me, it hurt to
move but I lifted my now cold palms towards him.
	“I’m sorry, baby girl, I wanted to see you graduate high school and walk you
down the aisle and see my future son in law. So many things I wanted to do . . .I
don’t think I will be able to now. ” He said coughing dark crimson escaping his
mouth, tears fell freely from my green eyes as I sobbed and touched my tear stained
cheek against the palm of his hand I could feel the warmth slip away.
	“Daddy you shouldn’t talk like that, you promised me, you promised you would be
there no matter what. Please dad, don’t leave me alone. . .  please” I begged as
he coughed again, the cough wracked his body as he pulled me against his bloody
mangled body that was half in the car and half out the windshield, he played with my
hair and hummed a lullaby.
	“I will always be there for you, I love you and am so proud of the woman you have
become. Never forget that.” He said his hand slipping away, I snatched it tightly
in my hand sobbing looking up in pain my dad’s eyes remained opened, soulless and
	“Daddy no. . .You promised! D-” I cried clutching my stomach my whole body
burned in pain but nothing compared to the heartbreak I felt. My best friend my dad
is gone, I had to leave but where was I going to go? Mom died long ago and the rest
of my family disowned us. Where was I going to go now? What now?  I thought forcing
myself to crawl out of the smashed Honda I screamed in pain as my right leg met the
cold asphalt, snow gently fell around me as I crawled away from my beloved father.
The same thought crossing my mind again who’s going to love me now?  My hot tears
froze to my face as I gave up I laid there bleeding crying wishing It was me that was

 	“Daddy let’s go, I’m going to be late for soccer practice!” I whined
pulling on my dad’s belt loops seeing as how that’s all I could reach at my
height. My dad smiled and placed his hand upon my head and ruffled my slicked back
long black hair. I huffed and flatten my hair down and grabbed his hand bouncing to
the familiar dark green Honda civic.
	“Slow down baby girl, I have to unlock the car first.”
	“Dad I’m not a baby anymore I’m 7 years old remember?” I said crossing my
arms and tapping my small foot against the concrete of the garage.
	“You will always be my baby remember?” He said imitating my voice and getting
into the driver’s seat. I rolled my eyes and followed and got in to the car
buckling myself in, dad and I joked and laughed the whole way to practice. He watched
me do pass drills and cheered me on he was always there. Always watching.

	“Dad why did this happen too us?” I asked crawling further up the asphalt,
scrapping my wounded and broken legs up more. Each move was agonizing torture; I
could feel my shin bone protruding out of my flesh. I pressed my cheek against the
cold snow as the snow flew down in sheets and began to blanket me. If I die like this
at least I know I will be with the ones I love. I thought to myself as my vision
began t o blur. Loud screeches were heard as I heard mumbled voices.
	“Ma’am are you okay!?” I didn’t hear anything after that; I didn’t feel
anymore, no pain. I awoke to soft beeping and the sunlight in my eyes. I looked
around tiredly, pale peach walls blanketed the room it smelt like antiseptic and
strong perfume. An IV was hooked tightly into my arm machines beeping softly, a
window over looked the cityscape covered in freshly laid snow, I sat up slowly all
the pain hitting me once again.
	“Miss Williams your awake!” I heard a cheerful nurse ask me, her high pitched
happy tone was causing my head to pound.
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‹You Take The Breath Right Outta Me› says:   25 August 2011   824566  
Hmm i'm getting a sense of deja vu, haven't I read this before?
‹You_Shall_Bow_Upon_My_Arrival› says:   25 August 2011   632410  
i like this story txt me ok
‹Death, Embrace Me With Your Sweet Bliss› says:   25 August 2011   315634  
I, too, enjoyed it.
‹<3 Forever Yours <3› says :   25 August 2011   736388  

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