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~My Various Kiwi Productions~

Heyyy there~! It's KawaiiXkiwiChan's page =.= WELL DUHH! Like,you knew that -.- If you didn't,I advise you 2 see a doctor,he may cure ur stupidity =.= LAWL I know,you SOOO didn't need to hear that! We-ll,that was my EVIL side! heheheh... Okie dorie,first off my Kiwi Pro.,I'd like to show you some stuff X3 On second thought, I think I'll write you a story :3 Hope you like it~
My name is Sarah.... I live with my mother and younger sister,Ella. I'm only twelve but I have to go work every afternoon to support the family. Why? My mother isn't ill or handicap. After my parents divorced,my mother completely changed,from sweet and caring, to cruel and hateful. She never smiled anymore. She was hardly even nice to us! Everyday,she would whack me and Ella ,who is six,with her cane. She would call us spoilt brats and make us clean the house. My skin,which was once flawless and bright,turned pale and full of scars. One day,I went to work at the bakery after school as usual. My aunt Issabella worked there,and was kind enough to let me work there. She gave me a loaf of bread which I put on a shelf in the bakery. "Your mother is such a brute! Treating you poor girls like that! If I were you,I'd give her a good SLAP on the face!",my aunt said. She wasn't in my mother's side and was on my ex-father's side. "Then you should... I mean... That-I-umm...",I didn't know what to say... Did I REALLY hate my mother? Yes,I decided,I did. "I was kidding,sweetie! Nobody can hate their parent so much! Hahahaha",she replied laughing her oh-so-annoying laugh! I gave her a face that said "Like, whatever~" and she turned and laughed to herself. That's one of her bad habits. 3 boring hours with Miss-Keep-Talking-Can't-Stop-Talking later,I went home with $80... Hey not bad! Usually she'd gimme a fifty or something... THIS WAS A GOOD START! But when I reached home,it turned out it was actually a bad omen. I found my sister,sprawled on the floor, DEAD. Blood was flowing all around the wooden floor, Ella's souless eyes looked at me. I saw mother holding a knife,and I knew exactly what she did... MY MOTHER IS A MURDERER. My jaw dropped and tears filled my eyes. "W-what did you do to Ella?",I shouted at her. "She didn't do as she was told",she replied calmly. "Now,go clean up this mess,or your next." I quickly dashed to the kitchen and took out a mop and a pail of water. Then,something caught my eye. Lying on the table,was a bottle of drugs,half empty. My mother took drugs and couldn't handle it and killed Ella. That was my theory. After 10 minutes,the mess was clean. "Wh-what do you want me to do with Ella-niisan's body?",I asked,pointing at the dead body. "Hmm.... Throw it in a river or burn it. Up to you",she said,thinking hard. "I'll throw it into the Hatawira River then",I lied. Mother nodded then I set off. I put on my helmet and secretly brought my bag and clothes with me. You probably figured it out,I was going to run away. Far FAR away. I was never going back there. NEVER. It was hard for me to cycle with Ella's body(in a sack to reduce suspicion)on one hand,and another hand on the handle. I cycled to my best friend,Lucy's house. She's an orphan but refuses to stay at an orphanage therefore she was given a small shack by the government. I quickly knocked on the door. No answer. I knocked 2 times. Still no answer. This time I BANGED on the door. I heard a few locks unlock and Lucy looked at me. TO BE CONTINUED.
Hope yew liked it,next part coming soon. Buh-bye~ Lotsa Hugs kawaiiXkiwiChan
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  kawaiiXkiwiChan — Page created: 4 December 2009
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