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Warriors: Bloodshed; By Kat

It was a cold night. My sister Darkkit was curled up shivering, Her pelt felt cold. "Mother, Darkkit's Ice cold!" I
whimpered. "Great StarClan! We must get her to a medicine cat!" My mother replied, her voice hoarse. "But mother, we've
been wandering in these caves for moons! we'll never get out!" I wailed. "Lightkit, when you were asleep last night, i
went to look around. And guess what i found. An entrance! we can finally escape!" My mother mewed. Then she picked up
Darkkit and motioned with her tail that i should follow her.  She darted towards a hole in the side of the cave and ran
outside. Then i followed her. "Mother! it feels SO good to be outside! Let's head to ThunderClan camp!" I mewed. Then we
ran into the forest.
       "Great StarClan!" my mother cried. "Mama, what's wrong?" I asked. then I saw what she was Scared of. ThunderClan
was in ruins. There was a strong scent of blood in the air, and there were limp bodies lying around everywhere.
"Mama......" I heard Darkkit mew weakly. But Mama ignored her. Then i scented something other than blood. Foxes! "Mama,
there are foxes here! About five, i'd say. Three males and two females." i Cried. Then all of a sudden All five foxes
burst into the area.
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  katmaikittykat — Page created: 29 March 2009
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Warrior_Vampire says:   29 March 2009   943152  
nice story
katmaikittykat says :   29 March 2009   628878  
its not done yet

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