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dark days at sokishan

dark days at sokishan.....

     My name is Sakuka. I'm a cat/human. I was created by Dr. Chiro and she created many other cat/humans. She calls us
chirons. Dr. Chiro combined cat DNA with human DNA, so then, she was able to create a compound to create experinent
V7.0, that's what I am, and many other chirons. I'm a very special chiron, so i have the powers of floro, that's a
rarely seen magician that wants to protect all chirons. Some say she's invincible. Now, let me tell you my story.

                         "Sakuka, wake up!" Someone yelled from outside. I opened my eyes. I was in my den, and there
was smoke everywhere. "Wha- what's happening?" I screamed. " Sakuka, your den is on fire, you must get out at once!" The
voice yelled. Almost at once, I reckognised the voice. It was Grokee! "Grokee? is that you? please help me, i can't get
up, Grokee!" I screamed. At once the green chiron burst into my den, but I could tell that something was holding him
back from coming and saving me. He scooped me up, and darted outside. "Grokee thank you, if you hadn't have saved me i
would've been ashes!" I said. But instead of replying to me, he turned around and started growling and hissing at the
huge juko  berry tree in-front of my den. I knew almost at once what he was growling at. It was Korada! The Evil chiron
that had been trying to kidnap me to harness my powers! "Come out Korada!" Grokee growled. "As you wish....." Korada
said cooly. Then Korada grabbed his gun from his money-pouch and aimed at Grokee.  "Come with me or Grokee dies..."
Korada said. "you wouldn't dare....." I said. Then Korada pulled the trigger on his gun and shot Grokee. "I just did."
Korada said. "No! G-Grokee! oh no,no,no!" i cried. "Consider this a warning. Next time you say no, another loved one
dies."Korada said, then the Murderous chiron stalked away in the undergrowth. "G-goodbye.......Sa-Sa-Sakuka......I'll
see......You........when......your......dead......"  Grokee said as death slowly creeped into him. "Grokee.....goodbye
my good friend....." I whispered. 
       The fire was still raging in my den. i'd better get this fire out, I thought. "Shikuu......Martade.....Ryuun!!!"
i recited the hydro-pump spell perfectly, so a huge spurt of water crashed into my den. when the fire was out, i ran
inside. My mouth dropped open. Everything exept for my safe with cash in it had burned. "thank goodness my money
survived!"i said as I ran to my safe and dumped out the money.  I had $10,000.00 that hadn't burned, so i had plenty to
find a new den and buy some new clothes and furniture. " Now.....i'd better get away from my loved ones and korada....
but first....i'd better carry Grokee's body to Dr. Chiro's laboratory so she can give him a funeral and so she'll know
he's dead." I said as I picked up Grokee's limp body and set off to Dr. Chiro's lab. When i got to her lab, i had to
scan mine and Grokee's DNA in a little scanner so i could go inside. " Greetings Sakuka and-" dr. chiro cut off when she
saw Grokee's dead body. "Sakuka, what happened to Grokee?" Dr.Chiro asked. " well.....Korada sort of....." my voice
trailed off as i tried to tell the bad news. "Please don't tell Me Korada killed him....." Dr.chiro said.  "yes he did.
my den was on fire and grokee saved me and when we got outside....."my voice trailed off again. "All i have to say is
that i'm leaving so everyone will be safe."i said. "i understand. but, where will you go?" dr.chiro asked. "i-i don't
know....but all i know is that i need to go. here's Grokee's body. i have to leave now. goodbye Dr. Chiro." i said. then
I darted outside and started crying my heart out. I felt like i did'nt know anything but on thing. My journey for a new
home had just began. I ran to the walking path, and i started my journey.
      As far as i've gone, i think i've gone far enough! I've traveled to sokishan, but there are rumours that it's
haunted. i'm kinda scared. but i  figured out i have to inroll in school to live there. ihave to go to Mctrayter high.
The name makes it suspicious, because it sounds like traitor. i need to make sure the town is secure from Korada or
Hantica, Korada's daughter.
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katmaikittykat says:   23 February 2009   777315  
i'm the writer of this story. i'm adding bits on to the story everyday, so please be
katmaikittykat says:   23 February 2009   489413  
my avatar is Sakuka from the story. i'm forming a fan club so if u wanna join tell
me by writing a comment on my page
XxFabulousxX says:   24 February 2009   383662  
Um yeah, this is quite a story. Yeah it was. Yup, sure was gooooooooooood.
katmaikittykat shouts:   1 March 2009   452587  
i'm having a contest!
whoever wins gets to be a character in the story. 
what u have 2 do:
 dressup your avatar like your character,
give me urcharacter's name,
(leave a note here please!)
tell me their personality,
there will be 5 winners.
twll me if ur character has powers ok?
hannahboo sings:   26 August 2009   585451  
cool story  
cant wait for more
katmaikittykat says :   12 February 2010   468356  

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