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magical school for the gifted story

Here is the area where I make up the story with the people who are in the club. So join please if you want to be in the
story. Click here magical school for the gifted. Hope you get in
and here the story.

Amy was unpacking her things. She was just calming down from her interseting trip. She was choosen by the unknowen
grifforn which is so cool. She gets to learn how to fly and turn invesabile and time travel.
Menwhile Aimee was unpacking her things. Her dorm buddy already unpackedand seemed like her dorm buddy is a messy type
of person. Aimee was so happy to be one of the choosen ones. she got choosen by the Air dragon. that means she gets to
fly and turn invesabile and tornado breath wich sounnded awsome. "I wonnder what happens to the kids who do not get
choosen" thought Aimee. Then Aimee and Amy heard someone scream from the grand hall. They rushed down to the  grand
hall. People were grathering around the grand hall big doors wonndering who screamed. The dude who gave the kids thier
from was looking quite sad shaling his head. "what happened?" asked Amy. "Well every once in a while there is a kid who
is not  right for the school and when they go in to the grand hall and go down and see the cretures one of them wake up.
To tell that you are not right it is a black one, pure black, not like the one with the purple strip that the dark one.
If that one wakes up your toast. You can tell,well I can tell which creture killed you by the scream. The boy who
screamed was killed by a dragon. See they accutllly die if they are worng so it is always a risk to go in the grand
hall. You guys are lucky. Only a few people get killed every year. Now go n and finshe off unpacking" the dude answered
and off went Aimee and amy to thier dorm to finsh unpacking.

So that is the start of the adventure at the magical school for the gifted so if you want to join go here magical school for the gifted. Bye
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katie5566 says:   17 February 2007   866428  
thank you
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wow thi is a good storie
katie5566 says :   15 April 2007   899342  
thank you

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