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Save The World {global warming}

Here's how we can all help to keep the world cool. It's not hard you no...

At Home
Don't leave your tv or stereo on standby. When your makin a cuppa only use the amount of water you need. Switch of
lights when you don't need them (i.e. you're not in that room)

In The Bathroom
There is such thing as organic hairspray! Recycle any packaging you don't need for guilt-free gorgeousness.

Save The World On The Web

De-Carbon Footprint yourself
.Sign up to a green energy supplier, who will supply electricity from renewable sources  (e.g. wind and hydroelectric
power) - this will reduce your carbon footprint contribution from electricity to zero 

.Fill your dish washer and washing machine with a full load - this will save you water, electricity, and washing powder

.Do your weekly shopping in a single trip 

.Hang out the washing to dry rather than tumble drying it 

.Go for a run rather than drive to the gym 

.Fit energy saving light bulbs

.Replace your old fridge / freezer (if it is over 15 years old), with a new one with energy efficiency rating of "A"
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  kat_stoelwinder — Page created: 30 March 2007
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Hayyzelnutt says:   30 March 2007   287125  
Hey, copying MY idea!  Just kidding.  It's alright.  Because I know someone else out
there cares.  Thanks for caring too.  (:
isoccer11 says:   30 March 2007   139129  
hey i wanna join i am a big environmentolist!
Headfirst_4_Halos says:   1 April 2007   781954  
Yeah... I'm concerned too... and thnks for making such a pressing matter open! Mail
me soon x!
irockudont says :   6 June 2007   788872  
hi kat i really like the page,im really into environmental stuff,and it helped me
with my essay too lol neways ttyl

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