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~Kupika High: Rocking,Awesome, Chemistry Class!!!!!!!!~

~Welcome to Chemistry Class~

I am your teacher Kashatiku,
you can call me Kasha or Ms.K or Ms.Kasha or Kashatiku

Are you ready to mix chemicals and make explosions and damages!!!.....

well then your in the  wrong  place!

because here we only mix chemicals smartly...

My rules are.....*writes rules on black-board*

Rules: 1. I will talk but not yell like a screaming monkey in class. 2. I will be RESPONSIBLE while mixing chemicals 3. I will listen when the teacher is talking
Those are the rules and try to remeber it... also if you abide these rules we will have more parties so lets get going look on the board to see what you have to do if you have any questions ask me can start.
BEFORE BEGINING PUT ON PROTECTIVE GLOVES AND GOGGLES!!!!!! Step 1. Take a measuring cup and poor one cup of nitrogin Step 2. Pour nitrogin into mixing glass Step 3. Mix in half the amount sugar water Step 4. Burn over kettle fire for 5 min. and hand in to the teacher Step 5. Enjoy yourself till next period
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  kashatiku — Page created: 15 March 2007  |  Last modified: 21 March 2007
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Charri_says_hello says:   16 March 2007   871125  
Will you be the Chem teacher for sweetangelgal's high school too?
kashatiku says :   16 March 2007   442719  
sure if she wants me too...

but can i teach here too?

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