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This page is owned by just_a_girl_trying_to_fit_in.

Fairy Garden! Come and RP as the fairies you got at my Adopt a Fairy Center!

This is just a little place to RP if you've adopted a Fairy on my Adopt A Fairy page!

Okay, so here's my fairy-

Name- Plumheart
Element- Music
Birthstone- Quartz
Personality- Noble
Home- River Rushes
Talent- Flower Pressing
Spell- Fiery Blast
Appearance- Teal skin with Magenta hair put up in a bun. Sky blue eyes, white wings. Likes to wear yellow.

and here's the fairies of my fellow RPers! 

Name- Spindra
Element- Rainbow
Birthstone- Diamond
Personality- Melodramatic
Home- Paint Box
Talent- Lucky Clover Finder
Spell- Sleepy Bell
Appearance- Light brown skin with blonde hair in small pigtails. Magenta eyes and white wings. Likes to wear purple.
Adopted by- EcoAbby

Name- Worset
Element- Star
Birthstone- Pearl
Personality- Neat
Home- Sandcastle
Talent- Animal Communication
Spell- Pedal Cascade
Appearance- Fair skin with purple hair in a bun. Indigo eyes and white wings. Likes to wear purple.
Adopted by- EcoAbby

Name- Eithne
Element- Wind
Birthstone- Opal
Personality- Curious
Home- Fern Leaf
Talent- Fairy Warrior
Spell- Unicorn's Arch
Appearance- Fair skin with indigo hair in small pigtails. Black eyes and lavender wings. Likes to wear yellow.
Adopted by- DisneyFan

Name- Holly
Element- Fang
Birthstone- Rose Quartz
Personality- Silly
Home- Belltower
Talent- Animal Communication
Spell- Fruity Seed
Appearance- Gray skin and long, light blue, wavy hair. Black eyes and pink wings. Likes to wear red.
Adopted by- Im_a_dreamer

Name- Bagvarti
Element- Light
Birthstone- Opal
Personality- Magical
Home- Herb Patch
Talent- Collecting Tears
Spell- Blazing Spiral
Appearance- Sky blue skin with long, light brown wavy hair. Purple eyes and lavender wings. Likes to wear light blue.
Adopted by- Jasmine_princess_of_the_elves

And now just start RPing in the comments! If you haven't adopted a fairy, do it here-
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‹EcoAßßy› says:   14 February 2011   922086  
Worset flew , in a straight line, into the Fairy Garden humming gently to herself.
Occationally Worset did a twist then carried on flying. She did this until she
accidently bumped into another fairy.

"Oooof!" Spindra cried as something hit her "I think I'm going to faint....or worse!
I might die!" Spindra rubbed her pounding head then pretended to faint "Ohh... Tell
my mom I love her!"

Worset started to worry. She picked herself up from the ground and flew to Spindra
"Uhmm. Do you need a doctor? A nurse? Another fairy?" She asked with concern in her

Spindra giggled. This fairy was funny "No. I'm perfectly fine. I was acting" She
replied still grinning.
Spindra smiled and held out a hand for Worset to shake
just_a_girl_trying_to_fit_in says:   14 February 2011   863106  
(OOC- LOL I love the way you do Spindra.)
Plumheart was setting a musroom table for her lunch of Mint Leave Soup when she saw
something out of the corner of her eye. "Guests!" she thought, and she quickly flew
over to the new fairies, who appeared to be shaking hands. "Welcome to the Fairy
Garden!" she tried to say in a pleasant voice. "I'm Plumheart, the owner of this
garden! And you are...?" 
‹EcoAßßy› says:   15 February 2011   657913  
(OOC: Thanks  My friend is very melodramtic in real life so I just based it on her

"My fabulous name is..." Spindra paused and waited 3 seconds "Spindra!!! Queen of
Finding threeleafed clovers and rainbows!!!" Spindra twirled round "Pleased to meet
you Plumheart!"

Worset looked at Spindra, how could she be so silly yet cool at the same time?
Smiling and looking abit shy Worset said "Uhm... Hello Plumheart. My name is Worset."
Worset smiled again and looked down towards her lilac ballet shoes. 
DisneyFan says:   17 February 2011   115003  
Eithne flew in looking excited. She looked around in wodner. "W-O-A-H" Eithne
breathed she saw a group of fairies and flew over excitedly "Hello I'm Eithane!" She
said grinning hoping to be accepted into the conversation
just_a_girl_trying_to_fit_in says:   18 February 2011   933452  
"It's nice you meet both of you," Plumheart said grinning.
Plumheart jumped a bit when an overly-entergetic fairy joined the group, but managed
to stay calm. "Hi, Eithne. I hope you like it here at the Fairy Garden." Plumheart
giggled in glee. Finally, fairies were starting to visit! It had been ages, really! 
Im_a_dreamer says:   18 February 2011   484630  
Holly flew in tumbling and twisting "Whee!" SHe said giggling. Holly flew straight
to the Group of fairies "Yo!" She said curtseying
LuckyNumber19 says:   18 February 2011   376199  
((OOC: I'm Ecoabby, I forogt my password sorry. So can I still roleplay as Worset
and Sprindra or not?))
just_a_girl_trying_to_fit_in says:   19 February 2011   818325  
(OOC- Yes, you may! ^-^)
"Hello," said Plumheart to the new fairy. "I'm Plumheart. Your name?" 
Im_a_dreamer says:   20 February 2011   557069  
Holly curtsseyed again "My name is Holly. What is yours?" 
just_a_girl_trying_to_fit_in says:   21 February 2011   849505  
"My name's Plumheart. This is Worset, Spindra and Eithne," Plumheart said, grinning
ear-to-ear. But not a fake grin. Her grin looked 100%, well, real.

(OOC- Gahh! I've got to find something to make Plumheart NOT a Mary Sue.) 
Im_a_dreamer says:   21 February 2011   268983  
((OOC: Uhm... Plumheart could... I don't know have an annoying habit?))

"Pleased to meet you all" Holly said bowing to everyone "So, When did you get here?"
just_a_girl_trying_to_fit_in says:   23 February 2011   915514  
(OOC- I like that idea, and I'll use it, but I'm going to make her terrible at
telling jokes and being funny. ^-^)
"I've been here for an awfully long time. I tend for the plants, you know, like
plums, because my name's Plumheart...?" Plumheart let out a sickly forced laugh and
Im_a_dreamer says:   25 February 2011   602663  
(OOC: Alrighty then ^_^)
Holly slightly tilited her head to the side "What has Plums got to do with... Oh oh!"
Holly began then kind of did a fake laugh "Yeah I get.... Uhm Nevermind" Holly looked
around the garden "You've been clearly doing a great job. The plants here look
LuckyNumber19 says:   25 February 2011   401369  
Spindra took a very deep breath then laughed a long long time... "Oh you are soo
funny! Do tell another one otherwise I'll never laugh again!"

Worset had a look of confusion on her delicate face. she wasn't sure whjeter to laugh
or not. She didn't get the joke but didn't want to come across as a rude fairy.
just_a_girl_trying_to_fit_in says:   26 February 2011   200924  
"Oh, it's... okay," Plumheart muttered through her sickly forced grin. "I have a
terrible sense of humor anyways." She sighed and looked at the plants in the garden.

"I've lived here for so long, but I haven't gotten many guests until now..." 
Im_a_dreamer says :   1 March 2011   513912  
"How come?" Holly asked curiously.

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