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i aint no good girl

Your Text Here hi you lot if your cool then email me and if your a hot bloke then give me a call but dont get me wrong a guy has to make me laugh and have a good personality aswell on this website you will find: my diary entrys my beauty and fasion tips my profile mesages to people mesages that people have left me pics of me advice from your problmes dear diary today was so weird i met to really cutye guys but im not metting upi with anyof them yet my dad was nagging at me to get my bedroom done as usel i dont no why he bothers! my mate cave me a cool it was really funny we walked my dog got a coffe bad news though my parents got a letter saying my gurades have slipped not good oh well wright to you tomrow night ! fasion and beuty tips 1. never wear differnt patterns together 2. never wear socks with a skirt only wear tights 3.always look smart no matter what the ocasion 4.dress girly for a date with a guy and hadsom for a girl 5.never wear traners with a dress 6.always wipe of all your make up before you go to bed at night 7.wear waterprof mascara for swiming 8.only wear make up that suits your skin not someone elses test if a fondation is right for your skin put some on your hand and blend it in 10.dont wear clothes you arnt happy in my profile age:14 style:lattest fasion mates: to many to name family: mum dad brother 7 uncles 4 aunts 20 cousans school: churchill secondary fav food: choclate fav drink: water hobbies: to may to list look at my profile problem page Dear judobabe_95 my mates are always making upseting remarks about my hair how can i make thwem stop from upset Dear upset dont listen to them and esplain to mates how your felling if they dont stop dont be their mate any more there not werth it. Dear judobabe_95 ive just moved schools and i have no mates how can i make some from lonley Dear lonley to make some mates join some clubs and go up to people mabey not the most popular kids and strike up a conversation with them you'll be suprised how quikley you will be come friends. Dear judobabe_95 all of my mates have boy friends and well i dont im pretty and all and i really fancy this guy but im to nervous to ask him out please help! from boymad Dear boy mad ask this guy out and if he says no at least you can say you've tried it and theres plenty more fish in the sea you seem like a nice person any way.
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  judobabe_1995 — Page created: 3 March 2007
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fergalicious_gurl says :   20 March 2007   462665  
hi im a little confused though

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