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Please comment. x] . IS A STORY!!

Diary of chloe Sayter.x.

In my room 
                   18th April 2007

Dear diary , 

           Ahh what a day, i started my fisrt day at high school today "Elvadeen High" .. Well so far noone seems too
have noticed me..which suits me ..cos hey its not like im not used to it *sighs*..noone ever noticed me..
Elvadeen is like your movie american high school..big, big big,scary oh and the usual "hot/popular guy and the "queen

I walked into the class and was walking to the empty desk at the back when some girl stuck her foot out making me fly to
which the whole class laughed..
 And then if that wasnt bad enough i THEN had to stand up in front of the whole class and "introduce myself"..

I don't know whether i will go tomorow..

       I don't think im ready yet. Mom says "Chole you just need to get into it"..she doesnt know what its like..she was
always popular!

Got to go dinner ready



school toilets
20th April 2007

Dear Diary,

Sorry, i have been busy, i am now sitting in the toilets as noone wants me on there table in the canteen ..but oh well i
will get over it, usually i don't even eat lunch, but the food here i guess it okay.
The teachers seem kinda nice too..i think they feal sorry for me, but i don't need them too.
This girl came up to me today and asked me too back off from her boyfriend i was like "hey girl i didn't even do
But aparently [[told to me by this nerdy girl]] all the guys are into me cos they love my english accent.!!
Hmm strange.

Oh i found this really cool skate park, which is just down my road, i might go there tonight!!

Well i will write later better go, or i will be known as the girl with toilet problems!!

NO thank-you!!!



                                                                                     21st April
Dear Diary

Ah.Well another great *cough* day at school, mined you, today someone spoke to me, it was the toilet cleaner,  yes a
social reject, not saying that toilet cleaners are social rejects, but just in this instance he was.
He asked me if i knew i had toilet roll stuck to my bum, i was thinking of running to the toiletts, then i realised i
was in the toilets, then i  realised yeat again, what the hell was he doing in the toilets!
Ahh.So instead  i ran out.soo yer.Great day.
I had sport today, that was good, the queen bee "Charley Green" is in my group *doh'* .
She didn't seem bad, she actually picked me to go on her team, she later told me it was because she liked my accent!? .

Okay.Thanks for that.
I emailed Layla today, no reply, jeez she better not have forgot me already.

Wait i just remembered theres the time difference.*dur*. Ahhh.Life sucks.

Shoot. Better go, someone at the door for me 

Wait... ME!?!?!?!



                                                    22nd April

Dearest Diary, 
Guess who was at the door!It was that toilet cleaner, aparetnly he had found my adress through a friend of mine, except
for the fact , i kinda have no friends [[?!?!]].
Weirdooo. I managed to get rid of him after a painfull fifteen minutes, i kept saying "okay my moms calling, i have to
"Yes, but i was just wondering if...". I was like GO AWAY! grrr.God.Some people.
Anyway, in the end i found out that not only is he a social reject,hes a millionare.Turns out hes just in the year
above, and actually he's not a toilet cleaner, he was just having a joke around with his mate, cos they saw me and his
mate is really likes me .Blh.Blah.Yawn.
Soo.I have date.Yes CHLOE has a date!.
T's funny. Well i erm should go now as its kinda early and i need to sleep.
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iluvryanross says:   3 July 2007   817713  
this is your diary?
jazmine1 says:   4 July 2007   657461  
no.a story..
tinkerbell_x says:   4 July 2007   221131  
wow, this is an awesome story!! u should write more 
jelly_moo says :   4 July 2007   636488  
It is a good story!!

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