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sardonic dreams

      A young child cried as the women held her roughly trying to drag the child after her. The young child had no such
opportunity as to protest for she was being hurt by someone much greater than she. All the child could do was cry but
that was among the things lost to her for her tears had dread up only moments before.
     The young women who was the mother of the child had a scar that ran along her bare cheek, she was frustrated her
child was turning more harsh and impossible by the minute.She didn't want to give up up her daughter to her
lord,although her daughter would hate her forever.
     The mother's master seemed to not be coming at all. The mother was losing hope as she was preparing to leave a dark
shadow overcame their presence.Thew young child shivered trying to install her trust into her mother even if her mother
did nothing to deserve it.
     The dark shadow wasn't the only presence that was there.It was as if the person or thing was controlling the
atmosphere it was within reach. The thing asked a question though it seemed as if it ran through their minds leaving a
cold shudder behind. The young child tried to tried to grasp her mothers  hand, but was pushed towards the evil
aroma.The young child gulped and tried to walk away instead a disfigured hand landed against her shoulder. 
    When the young child looked up to see the face of what she most dreaded.The face resembled the young child's
father.The young child gasped as she tried to look away. The dark shadow laughed a dreadfully dead laugh. The mother
gasped as she begin to realize she and her child wouldn't be able to live another day. That she had walked into a trap
and there was no way of returning.
    When the shadow reached for the child a spark erupted from his fingernail; slamming against the child's small
body.The eyes widened as shock shook her system.Just as the young child fell unconscious someone sensing the magic
entered the room.That someone was a man as walked into the dark room an explosion took place,the keeper of the shadow
tried to hold the young child.
    The young man ran deeper into the opening where the young child lied,shivering.He picked the child up reading from
her memory what had just token place.He and the child left  the building area and into the fresh crisp night sky.The man
was curious the child was left their alone and why the room was left so empty.The child begin shivering uncontrollably.
The young man rang through his memory until he found what he was looking for,chocolate to calm the child's nerves,of
    As he walked through the streets int he dead of night he found the the witch's chamber.He knew the law that witches
and vampires were never to communicate, but this was a different matter he would have to find of an agreement.This child
was the last seer that would ever exist and she also had the mark of the vampire empress.
   The child's breathing turned into a scream and a fitful cry.The man tried his best to calm the child as he ran into
the chamber.The young child turned her head and seemed to be seeing the man behind her closed eyelids.The young child
spoke with one breath and it seemed that her heart stopped cold.The young child was holding something close.It was a
bracelet as if her life depends on it.

Chapter one:The vision      
         "Yo,Miss Marissa said to give you this." The young girl said with a confused expression holding in front of her
three heavy textbooks.
          "Whatever, Yuki be a good girl and get me a soda."One of the two girls sitting on the sofa said.
          The young girl whose name was Yuki walked towards the two girls and looked at the one who had said something
to her and drooped the books on her head.The two girl's were Serenity and Sasha.Serenity had golden blond hair,ocean
blue eyes and a smile that could charm anyone to doing anything she wanted them to. Sasha was somewhat different from
Serenity,she had hair the color of a strawberry,silver blue eyes,and her smile showed a glint of mischief.
         These were unmistakable Miss Marissa's,the alchemist,apprentices. Miss Marissa walked into the room with a
smile crossing her face. She had news, one that would change Yuki's life forever. Yuki's beady black eyes looked
straight through Miss Marissa 's fake smile. Miss Marissa's brown hair covered her ever so green eyes as she realized
Yuki's intense glare was directed at her.She knew how much Yuki hated extreme change. Yuki's ivory skin seemed to have
gone a shade paler the moment Miss Marissa said her next about words
       "The witches asked us over to join them for dinner tonight."
      Serenity and Sasha smiled hoping that the us included them as well. They always been known as Miss Marissa's
apprentices the one who was mighty,but in reality they had been found by Miss Marissa when their real parent them. Miss
Marissa was a hero and the mother they always longed for.On the other hand Yuki never knew what a biological family
meant or much less was. She sorta knew what it meant to belong, well sorta. 
        Miss Marissa gestured for Yuki to  come and set with her when Serenty and Sasha had left. She begin a long
speech of a lecture on what had happend the last time they were at the witch's chamber. Miss Marissa said"Behave
yourself! B e better than you were last year.We don't another incident to occur,do we?" Thinking better than waiting for
and answer she continued. "You might find out history of things that would seem unusual,buyt believe me its all real and
don't make any facail expression or any thing that would give how suprised you are because they will punish you for
      "Okay,but i wasn't planning on doing anything stupid,would I?" Yuki asked with a smile.
     "No comment!Say, tommorow you'll be turning sixteeen. I'll make sure it's unforgetable, a day many people will
remember forever."Miss Marissa commented.  Miss Marissa looked at Yuki like a mother would look at a child when they
made them proud.
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