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Edward Cullen or Jacob Black

ok, so i was reading the book twlight. and i descovered in the movie, edward does not look so hot.
every1 is in love with this boy. but, i saw something else that caught mi eye.
yes, it was jacob. he is much better looking that edward is. yea, yea, i understand, "but hes so sexy, with his musles"
yea, i give him that, but thats the only thing that doesnt keep him out of that catagory of U-G-L-Y.

Now your asking, " y am i reading this?!"
well, i want your statement on who looks the best.
plese leave your comments at the bottom, i will b happi to read them.

and males i didnt leave u out either, wat do u think of Bella?
do u think shes worth the hipe or not.
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  ‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› — Page created: 17 November 2009
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orangecherrysoda says:   17 November 2009   969989  

‹Rocking The Starz› says:   17 November 2009   745632  
LOL, Im wearing a Team Edward shirt but in truth... I'M SWITZERLAND! I like both of
em'... but Jake wins in the sexy catagory
‹< BoulevardOfKittyDreams >› says:   17 November 2009   800719  
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says:   18 November 2009   124211  
yea, for the people who said jacob!!!!

orangecherrysoda wat r u talking about?
‹undoable.› says:   5 December 2009   123996  
She means both of them suck

 I agree 
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says:   5 December 2009   398231  
aww, well okay.

u dont lik either of them 	
DreMizy shouts:   24 March 2010   248330  
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says:   26 March 2010   935896  
awsome, u the man
shina94 says:   18 April 2010   222158  
jacob most definately!
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says:   30 April 2010   364080  
wolfgirl14235 says:   21 May 2010   857621  
I say Jacob because Bella can have Edward I love wolves so i chose Jacob
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says:   30 May 2010   129005  
u rock
‹**Princess Of The Nite**› says:   7 July 2010   497194  
Jacob is hot but Edward has tht certain factor tht makes hm fine 2. No matter how
Jacob look im team Edward all the way.
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says:   11 October 2010   817561  
Ok, I see your side. that's fine 2
xxjunelunaxx says:   26 March 2011   237560  
I'm on Edward. But after I got married I was on team Emmett, which is my husband's
name! (it just happens to be Emmett!)
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says:   26 March 2011   850126  
‹Legendary Catwoman› says:   19 June 2011   196423  
I like Jacob a lot better but respects the ones that desagree 
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says:   21 June 2011   817088  
i like jacob too. cant wait for breaking dawn to come out
even though i read all the books soo.. the movie wont be a shocker
for me
Holymonkey shouts:   29 February 2012   627171  
Jacob tottally wins the hot category
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says:   3 March 2012   736717  
your right on that one. cant wait for part two of breaking dawn
partygirl5 says:   1 July 2012   301021  
i like them both cuz they r both strong and jacob is hot but edward is intellectual
and i am a TOTAL geek lover
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says:   3 July 2012   488654  
lol, yea your right. and i am kinda am too
partygirl5 says:   7 July 2012   789585  
lol, yea i am kinda jealous of bella though cuz two HOT guys fight over her
‹!!!J@ne_ForEver!!!› says :   10 July 2012   853726  
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