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short stories of jani

it is so strange.sometimes,there are lot's of ice on the windows on my bus.but,they are not just ice to me.every time 
there is ice on the windows i can make out stories and people in the's just so strange. 
well,i want to be a writer when i grow up and i made up a story out of the pictures. my stories take place in the land
of jani. 

one picture dosen't really tell a story but, is so cool.there is this really tall grim reaper. he is on a horse and the
horse is pulling a cart full of fruit and dead people.i think he is taking them to a dungeon to be punished but i am not

another picture has very small people i call the picture they are hiding from the two-faced soldiers
because the soldiers are trying to kill them because of something they did.

the last picture is of  a  half-skeleton half-human girl babysitting a egg.a cross from the city above cracks open the
egg and killed the creature inside.the creature  looked like a bird.another part of the story is there are figures in
the is crying and is wiping away her tears with the hide of a bird.i think it is because the bird was the
tree's child.

sometimes i pretend i  am the princess of jani. when i become a writer i might publish a book with those stories and
more.i will call it tales of jani. i hope you enjoyed my stories.
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