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WELCOME! This is one of my pages were ill tell you guys some stuff about me maybe some stories and jokes.^^
here is a story....... This is one of my Diary entries: This is a little story of a not so good relationship ending that ive recently encounterd......... It all happend when i first saw him, i knew that he was good for me, so i decided that i was going to ask him...... asking him out/(friday) But .......... there was just one problem. He just so happend to be a very cute guy that almost every girl wanted to be with. But since no one ever asked him i decided to go in for the kill..........he was down by the tenis courts, i went up to the fence and shouted his name. As soon as he came up to the fence i blurted out that i liked him! He laughed like it was a joke, but then i said in a quiet voice; "will u go, out with me?". And he laughed again......then he said "sure". 1st date/(Saturday) So on our date we decided to go to the movies. (BAD CHOICE!!!) So we were in the movies having a great laugh.... but then he makes a move! the yorn! the arm! And then i find myself with his arm around me! I new it ment one thing he wanted a kiss! So i was prepared for the worst......but i decided to pretend i needed to go to the bathroom, I run for the doors and went to the bathroom so i could hide for awhile. After about two minutes i went back in. I sat down only to be suprised that he had fallin asleep! So i tried waking him.......he woke up...but then he grabbed my head and STARTING KISSING ME! I was so shocked. I yeld out a scream! everyone was looking! I quikly run out, he followed. After the movie we went home. the call/(sunday) The very next day he calls me....... ME:"hello?" HIM:"its (?????)" ME:"oh" HIM:"i just wanted to call and say im sorry for wat happend last night". ME:"you should warn me next time" HIM:"Im not sure there will be a next time?" ME:"WHAT? Why?" HIM:"well i just think we should be friends that dont talk" ME:"That makes no sense" (he hangs up) THE END
Here is a little about my self.....
My name is: actually Jacquelyn Nickname is: Jackie My friends say i always make them laugh and i have a great atitude. I am: 12 years old. turning 13 Hair colour: Blonde Eye colour: Light blue Fav. colours: Pink & Aqua Fav. meal: Chicken Kiev Fav. snack: Choclate Fav. band: Almost anything^^ Fav. sports: Basketball & Netball What i like in a bf is: A good personality that will never let me down, someone who can make me laugh and somone who is kind. What i like in a friend is: Somone who makes me laugh when im sad, And somone to give me good advice ^^
Now Some Jokes!
Ducks and Elephants Why do ducks have webbed feet? Why do elephants have flat feet? MSG me back if u know the answer^^ DONT 4 GET TO WRITE!!!! Generate Your Own Glitter Graphics @ - Image hosted by
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