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Writing Contest~ Winners

So here's a little contest for people who like to write. Choose a picture, then write something about it. You can write it on a page, diary, whatever; just give me the link to it. Rules -You have to tell me which picture you choose. -It can either be a short story, part of a story (meaning there is no definite beginning, middle, and/or end), or a poem. -It can be any genre -You may choose up to 2 pictures (which means one pic for each story) Prizes -Everyone who enters will get....a hug. :D -The winner will get 5 kp and a drawing of their avatar I know the prizes aren't big, but this is really just for fun. :P And now..........the pictures! (You can have the same pic as someone else, by the way.) Please do not use the picture with the girl in the water. Everyone already did that one. Choose something different. Have fun writing! The deadline is currently March 21. Entrants: -Alice_POX [story received] -mackieG13 [story received] -Aubree_Baby [story received] So....since not many people entered, (-.-) it was hard to choose a winner. But the winner is Aubree_Baby. You get a hug, 5 kp, and an avatar drawing. The other two get a hug. :D Congrats!
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‹-赤い激怒-› says:   12 March 2011   270008  
itsmystory says:   12 March 2011   107340  
Cool, thanks!
Yes, you can message me. And you don't know to paste the picture to wherever your
stories are, just tell me which ones you used. 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   12 March 2011   726852  
I'm going to enter with the third picture, the one with the girl.
itsmystory says:   12 March 2011   824405  
Cool, thanks. 
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   12 March 2011   646759  
Oh, and since my computer's broke, I might post my entry a day to two late. 
itsmystory says:   12 March 2011   472651  
‹Espionage♥In♥Progress› says:   17 March 2011   366371  
Im going to enter and since I cant get anywhere near a computer, I cant link the
‹-赤い激怒-› says:   17 March 2011   668165  
then what are you using to post that?
Whatever it is, you can at least say which one, and you can prolly just write down
the url. 
‹Espionage♥In♥Progress› says:   17 March 2011   828428  

Im using my phone to going to usethe one withthe one with the girl in
the water 
itsmystory says:   18 March 2011   811945  
OK, you can just send me a message or whatever w/ your story. (: 
‹Espionage♥In♥Progress› says:   18 March 2011   910994
... Im pretty sure that that is the link
itsmystory says:   18 March 2011   982366  
‹Espionage♥In♥Progress› says:   22 March 2011   474343  
Can I ask? I dont want to seem rude but, whenwillthe results be posted? I know the
deadline was today so an aprox?
itsmystory says:   22 March 2011   701965  
As soon as I get theoldersis's story, I will post results. (: 
‹Espionage♥In♥Progress› says:   22 March 2011   827891  
itsmystory says:   11 April 2011   250828  
Winners announced. 
‹Espionage♥In♥Progress› says:   12 April 2011   657350  
yay lol
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   13 April 2011   649873  
What are second and last place?
itsmystory says :   13 April 2011   398586  
I didn't pick any~ 
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