Your Online Safety is Important

We have one big tip that is guaranteed to protect yourself against online predators:

Never, ever, give out your personal information to anyone!

- your full name
- your phone number
- your home address, your school, your city
- your email address, your Piczo address, your MySpace address, etc.
- basically anything that can be used to identify you!

This way, you are completely anonymous. Your online life is completely separated from your real life.

Kids, if you feel someone is harassing you, blacklist that person as soon as possible.
Parents, please EDUCATE your children. Teach them how to protect themselves in this World Wide Web.
If they are not ready to learn, perhaps they are not ready to use the Internet at all.

What We Do at Kupika 

We have some moderators who will flag a member profile if that member is seen as "dangerous".
Once a member profile is flagged certain times by different moderators, this button will show up in his/her profile:

It will serve as a warning to other members.
Hopefully they will take extra care when interacting with these dangerous members.

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