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Matching ("Find penpals")
Virtual Items
Personal Ads
Miscellaneous -- KupiPoint, forgot nickname/password, delete account, editing your character, etc.
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What is Kupika?
A free service intended to provide you with anonymous environment where you can correspond with other members about anything you want. You are represented by a nickname and a cute character. No real names, no photos, no zip codes or anything that can be used to identify you.
How does it work?
1. Create an account
2. Follow the instructions and edit your character
3. Click Simple Match or Conditional Match
4. You can write a letter if you like the person
5. Be patient... (your letter won't get replied in an instant)
Do you require my email address?
No, it is optional. But if you don't supply an email address for your account, we will not be able to recover your lost password, notify you when you receive new letters, etc. So we highly recommend that you supply an email address. Don't worry, no spam or nasty advertising will ever come from us!
Is it really free?
Yes it is.
Then how do you pay for the cost of running this website?
We do this project mainly for fun.
IF in the future it reaches a Critical Mass, we plan to make millions through advertising.
Matching ("Find penpals") 
How do I find a pen pal?
Just click Simple Match in the top navigation bar. Or Conditional Match if you'd like to specify a criteria.
How do you decide which one is the best match for me?
Randomly. Some matching services claim to use a "sophisticated algorithm" to match you with another member but we think it is of no use here. Kupika is a virtual world, after all.
Why do I keep getting matched with the same member?
We do not keep track of which members have been matched with whom. If you want to keep a certain member from being matched with you in the future, you can click "Never match me with this person again".
How do I start a correspondence?
Just click the "Write a letter" button.
How do I keep track of my correspondences?
You can use the top navigation bar:
View unread -- view letters you have not read.
View unreplied -- view letters you have not replied to.
View all -- browse all your correspondences.
Is there any limit to how many letters I can write?
There is, but as long as you do not spam, this limit should not concern you.
My letter has not been replied... any suggestions?
The general advice is: be patient. It may take days or even weeks for someone to reply.
There are some other possibilities: your letter is too short (it does not describe who you are and what you want), she is not interested to correspond with you, or maybe she is not an active member anymore.
Do you have any tips for my correspondence?
Virtual Items 
What are "Virtual Items"?
As the name implies, they are virtual items. You can buy some for yourself or to be given to another member.
What is their use?
Nothing, really. But you can give the item to another member as a gift -- they will surely appreciate it!
Can I sell my items to get my KupiPoint back?
Currently you can't. We are thinking about this, though.
Personal Ads 
What are "Personal Ads"?
They are Kupika-style personals that contain at least one of the following information:
Current Affair -- current problems faced by the poster
I Seek -- what the poster wants
I Offer -- what the poster offers
What is KupiPoint?
KupiPoint is the currency of Kupika.
You can use it to edit your character, post a personal ad, buy virtual items, etc.
How do I earn some KupiPoint?
If you actively use the website your KupiPoint will increase automatically.
This means: send messages to other members, give comments on diaries/Oekakis/KupiPages, etc.
Writing letters will not increase your KupiPoint (due to technical limitations).
What is the meaning of the stars near the member nickname? 
It indicates the "quality" of a member. These requirements are cumulative:
A new member -- has not done anything.
Member has created a character and is available for correspondences.
Member has provided an email address and has it verified, AND has the new letters notification option enabled.
Member has logged in within the last few days (he/she is an active member).
(the fifth criteria is a secret ;)
I have forgotten my nickname/password, can you help?
Only if you had supplied your email address before AND had it verified.
Retrieve lost nickname/password
Is there a way to edit a part of my existing character?
We are working on this. Until then, you will have to start over if you want to edit your character.
How do I delete my account?
Link to us 
Do you allow me to link to your website?
Sure! We even beg you to link to us ;)
How do I...?
A text link will do just fine, or you can use the following banners:

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