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-Characters- Adrina--[A-Drina]- Age;; 11 Likes;; Dark Things,Her Hair,Dark Rooms,Long Dresses,Boots,Witch Craft. Some Random Things About Her;; She Does Witch Craft On A Daily Bases Including;; Voodoo,Spell Book Spells,Creating Spells. Matilda--[Ma-Tilda] Age;; 14 Likes;; Blood;;Eary Movies,And Noises. Some Random Stuff About Her;; She Hates It When People Call Her Emo. Axel--[I'm Sure you Know How To Say 'Axel-Your_Worst_Nightmare Age;; 12 Likes;; Horror Films,Bat's. Some Random Stuff About Her;; She Was Bitten By a Bat Demon At The Young Age Of 10,And Was Turned Into a Bat Demon. Ida--Mom!--ineedkupipoints- Age;; 32 Likes;; Her Kids,Bat's,Black Cat's,Basically Everything To Do With Halloween. Random Stuff;; she Met Her Husband On Her Birthday...Halloween! At A Halloween Party. Isrel--Dad!-ineedkupipoints- Age;; 33 Likes;; His Wife. Random Stuff;; He Never Says I Love You To His Kids. Photobucket Amandrilla--Oldest Daughter!-Emolovepunklove- Age;; 18 Likes;; Reguar people;;Romantic Movies;;And Halloweeny Things! Random Stuff;; She Doesn't Want To Be Apart Of This Family And She Wants to Be With Everyone Else,And Inlove. [I Love Her Rp Character!] Halloween--gothchik24 Age;; 14 Likes;; Halloween. Random Stuff;; She Has The Same Birthday As Her Mom. Princessa---AnimeChik_loves_DeathNote Age;; 14 Likes;;What Her Sister 'Halloween' Likes. Random Stuff;; She Idolizes 'Halloween'. ----------------------------------------------------Men-------------------------------------------------------------------- Maks---Inlove With Adrina Age;; 11 Aselix--Loves Matilda. Age;; 14 Alixer--Inlove With Axel-Your_Worst_Nightmare Age;; 12 Lex-- Eventually He Will Fall Inlove With Amandrilla-Emolovepunklove- Age;; 20 [Bad Boy;;Bad boy] Alex-- 'Halloween's Plaything'gothchik24 Age;; 14 Maxis-- Princessa's Man!-AnimeChik_loves_DeathNote Age;; 14 ---------------------------------------------------------------------Enemy's---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Angela--Amandrilla's Enemy.--emolovepunklove-- Age;; 17 I'm Just Gonna Put Some Random Stuff About her;; She Is So Jealous Of Amandrilla,The Reason Is;; Amandrilla Is Able To Charm Anyone As Soon As She Walks In The Roo(And Angela Can't),And Can Make Any Man Want Her To Be Their Princess. ( The Rest Of The Girls Enemy's (Including;;Adrina,Axel,Matilda,Halloween,And Princessa);; Want To Steal They're Man!) Angel--Adrina's Enemy Age;; 11 Andrea--Matilda's Enemy. Age;; 14 Alexia--Axel's Enemy.-Your_Worst_Nightmare Age;; 12 Angelica--Halloween's Enemy-gothchik24 Age;; 14 Ancolcia--Princessa's Enemy--[An-col-cia]--AnimeChik_loves_DeathNote Age;; 14 Okaii Well Those Are The Character's Let Me Know Which One You Want
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  ineedkupipoints — Page created: 12 August 2008  |  Last modified: 18 October 2008
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‹I'd Do Anything› says:   9 October 2008   669928  
May I be Princessa, Maxis, and Ancolcia? Thank you.
ineedkupipoints says:   9 October 2008   129858  
Sure Thing.
‹XxCasey_the_KittyxX› says:   11 October 2008   982432  
Might I be Halloween, Alex, and Angelica?
‹XxCasey_the_KittyxX› says:   11 October 2008   949755  
Might I be Halloween, Alex, and Angelica?
ineedkupipoints says:   12 October 2008   292237  
CharlieLikeWHOA says :   18 October 2008   521822  
May I Have Adrina Pwease!
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