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Honeysbees ClubMember School(HBM)

Welcome to Honeybees School                1 HBP

Our Super Staff :

- Miss.Candy
she is a nice teacher and the first one to apply.
                                                                                                          1 HBP

Our Awesome Students:
Captain Cutie                               1 HBP

Our Cources:
Journilazem                           Miss.Candy
Math                                      spot needed to be filled
Art                          1 HBP      spot needed to be filled
we accept all other cources but u have to hive ideas and pl who wantto be teachers pease join and u will mostlikely get
the job!       

we may have our casses starting on our first day of school witch will probaly will be on March 12th or Feb 20th
this page will become more detailed in a few days time
this is a brand new school so we are still getting ready
thanks for u coperation                                                                                1 HBP

We will start having tryouts on Future dates
We will be having an assembly very soon and that will be about this new school and all questions will be held there

If you would like to be a student in Honeybees ClubMembers School
then please send me a comment or an e mail telling me all about ur self.please have it be 5 lines and more is better and
i will let u know if u made the school.

The classes Will be posted very soon . Again like i said we still need to get everythink sorted and then more info will
be mosted.


Thank You for ur time and please join the Honeybees ClubMembers School.

indian_cutie97                               1 HBP
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Sea_Star says:   15 February 2007   378192  
Ok well class um... I start march 1 and I teach grade 2.
indian_cutie97 says:   15 February 2007   272915  
umm we arnt gonna teach grades where gonna teach classes lol like because there
might be nobody in gr 2 so we are gonna teach classes is that okay
Sea_Star says:   15 February 2007   511314  
ok ok ok
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   16 February 2007   492397  
this is bloody DUMB
ilovespike says:   16 February 2007   378752  
ellekuni says:   16 February 2007   232161  
i'll join i'm lonelys freind she told about this site
sand_ninja says:   16 February 2007   872449  
oooo.....sounds interesting.
indian_cutie97 says:   16 February 2007   713148  
what is dumb this site well if it is i actually worked on it so mabey u can just
stop talking because that is really rude for insulting my site...
if it is not ur type of club then u can just get out f it and u dont have to send a
rude comment

i uswelly dont say this often but u should really just keep shut and stuop botheing
ppl with ur stuiped problems with my site okay
indian_cutie97 says:   16 February 2007   891691  
so  u 2 want to join
indian_cutie97 says:   16 February 2007   929558  
umm all students who want to join then please send a comment with the foolowing info
above thanks
ellekuni says:   16 February 2007   462759  
can i join
indian_cutie97 says:   17 February 2007   131336  
umm yeah but u have to go to the page u can really play on and then ask me there and
ill get u filled in
GothyGoth says:   27 February 2007   434329  
can i b a student
indian_cutie97 says:   1 March 2007   376146  
yeah come to my web page
Reina says:   19 March 2007   538246  
can I be a student?
indian_cutie97 says:   20 March 2007   982265  
shure but u need to join the club and try getting some HBP by parisapating in the
guess and win 1 prize game on my other kupi page and the answers are on my diary so
that someppl do try!
X0Sophie0x says:   13 May 2007   376846  
can i b a teacher or sumthinn
indian_cutie97 says :   17 May 2007   978734  
yeah shure but i am leaving kupika so i need sum1 to volenteer to take over the site
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