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Elouai Dolls Made BY ME!

Hi, as you know I can make you your own costemized doll!
It is very easy and it is very quick, and all you have to do is choose what you want how you want it anad wait for the
email saying where I am going to leave it and you ahev to pick it up!
And if you are wondering if you have to pay me.... the answer is absolutely posivtivly up to you and plus if you are on
my frineds list or if you ahev been my frined (emailing me and stuff) you will be garunteed to get yours done first!!!!
To check when yours is probally going to be done by go to my other kupipage and there will be the scdule of when your
doll will be done and it will be broken off to 2 or 3 dolls a day but if I am sick or sumtink like my computer breaks
please dont send me threatening emails because it then does put me under stress and then I do shut down the page then it
is hard for everyone else who was just about to get their dolls!
U can pick up your doll by sending a comment on My-dollmaking-list

I may start charging one Item or mabey kupika points like 5 kupika points!!!!

All these must enclude alternatives! 

These are the things you ahve to let me know:
1. The colour
2. Its name
3. the background
4. The colour style
5. what type of pant/skirt/ect. it is wearing
6.what type of top it is wearing t-shirt/ tube top/tanktop/ect.
7. And I almost forgot the most important thing wheater it is a girl or boy
8. What type of shoes& any extra accories like pets/purses long you need it by!

      elouai's doll maker 3

my work... it's not done but i eedto save it sumwhere so yeah here it is
      elouai's doll maker 3

Now the more emails I get the more dolls I will put up for desplay so if you want an elouai doll you know where to find
me and if you dont you can reach me by emails and the password to email me is inkheart(it is best to copy and paste the
password lol) or by questions and answers and last but not least comments on this page!! 

And before you leave the first person will get 5 extra dolls for 5 of his/her friends!!!!!!!!

So thanks for dropping by and please if you want and Elouai then email me or add a coment
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  indian_cutie97 — Page created: 23 March 2007  |  Last modified: 31 March 2007
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CuteandSexyandHot wonders:   24 March 2007   755217  
hey can i have a doll plz??
indian_cutie97 says:   25 March 2007   956793  
shureeeee no problem what do u want it to look like
CuteandSexyandHot writes:   29 March 2007   364788  
sure we can be friends and thx for saying that.=) I like urs too! ^_^ well my doll
shoul have long brown hiair that shows my ears...and I must have long cute errings..
: )
indian_cutie97 says:   30 March 2007   683149  
shure of course we could be friends lol heyy i have a great idea why doint we ake
dolls together!!
navygirl says:   31 March 2007   149444  
um the doll has 4 legs!but it is good
‹em <3› says:   31 March 2007   891544  
can u make a doll for me?
i want it to look like the doll that i have (my kupi doll)
CuteandSexyandHot shouts:   31 March 2007   429286  
wow that will b cool! =) um..stll can u mke a doll for me?
indian_cutie97 says :   31 March 2007   489221  
umm okay!!!
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