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Oekaki Contest o 3 o

Welcome :] This is a Oekaki Contest and the prize will be 50 KP. There will be 20 contestants. Winner get 50 Kp while the rest get 5 kp. o 3 o The challenge for this contest is BLUE TIGER LOLLIPOP. Have fun figuring out what that meant. x3 Judges: ‹FreeFall› ‹bel-themostawesomeamzingpersonintheworld-la› Tigerrawrlol16069 Me :D You can vote for your favorite and they will win 20 Kp. [Vote here but not right now.] How Many Contestants Do I Have? : -19 Yay I got one. :D 1.EpicFaith RoarItsKisa EnjoyTheRide Flaws 101809 I realized this page got some many flaws. x - x To enter the contest, you can comment here or send me a message telling me you want to join. under construction and have many flaws
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  imuffin — Page created: 17 October 2009  |  Last modified: 27 November 2009
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Love3 sings:   17 October 2009   519551  
wow  thats  so  cool
‹Moi→Nerd is in Despair› says:   17 October 2009   819568  
‹Destined for Disaster♥› says:   17 October 2009   819376  
Love this background :D
‹♥› says:   17 October 2009   843377  
love the part that mentions my name ;] lol jk
‹Ouran_<3› says:   18 October 2009   712727  
how do u get in the contest?
imuffin says:   18 October 2009   734817  
my bad
you can tell me that you want to join or send a message instead
: 3
EpicFaith says:   18 October 2009   859219  
i wunna join :D
‹Key.:☼:.TakeMeForGranted› says:   18 October 2009   216322  
lawl I love bella :3
lollylovex3 says:   19 October 2009   984337  
Whoa, dude that's a really hard challenge D:
‹RoarItsAlly› says:   27 October 2009   686754  
can i draw it on my computer prgram skecthpad instead i`ll join if i can the okekai
thing here confuses me
imuffin says:   27 October 2009   566476  
@ lollylovex3
its not a hard challenge if you bend it a little bit
like making a blue tiger with a lollipop...?
x - x

: 3 
‹RoarItsAlly› says:   15 November 2009   827108  
Yes *glomp* i love u XD oh srry took so long to respond just got out of teh hospital
: /
‹MichealJacksonIsMyHusbandSoBeJelouse!› whispers:   27 November 2009   749134  
Um spot reserved for me please.
imuffin says:   27 November 2009   140920  
: 3
‹MichealJacksonIsMyHusbandSoBeJelouse!› whispers:   27 November 2009   854092  

This is my oekaki.
It sucks, huh???
imuffin says:   27 November 2009   920426  
thank you
o . o
pretty fast
lollylovex3 says:   28 November 2009   265234  
This is really tempting :I But Idk how to interpret that... orz
imuffin says :   28 November 2009   752402  
You could always try.
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