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Charecters that ive made so far for my roleplaying club

Hey this is where you'll get to see the charecters that ive made so far for my roll playing club. here is the link to the club and if you want to know more about the club just go here Remember not all of these are finished...thats why there are blanks...comment and tell me what you think oh and you might want to read the plot for the history and everything to make sence... Faerie rose plot: theres a regular school but some of the students are faeries...they were send down from their kingom in the clouds (called cloud kingdom) to find a magical rose made out of all gold that belongs to their kindgom but was burried about 1000 years ago along with an evil spirit who swore to never give the rose back to the kingdom that betrayed her. Everyone thinks he's dead...but he's really just trapped underground because he was burried alive...he hasnt died yet though. He was poisoned to make him fall asleep and seam dead so the peaple from cloud kingdom can burry him and his evil spirit...but he knew that it would happen so he stole the rose and put it in his pocket so that soon when the cloud kindom's peaple come to look for the rose, he could escape. So theres these angels send down to get the rose because the rose has mystical magical powers to cure cloud kingdom's peaple from a deadly disseas. The kindgom ruler put a spell on them to make their wings disapear so that they would blend in with everyone else. But once they found out it was on school grounds they desided to attend the school and be "normal" earth girls...but its harder said than done and some of the students are getting suspicas about them. Faerie rose plot: name: Emma age: 14 element: light personality: shy, quiet, kind, sensative history:Emma is the princess of faerie cloud because her mother is the queen. She has some very rare magical gift but she doesnt want to tell anyone about it so she practices it when nobody is looking. She loves the ocean especaly watching the sunset. Although her element is light, she sometimes finds that water can be her second element because her rare gift is the abillity to use light to walk on water and move water around. Since she is the princess, she is a great warrior, and some peaple underestimate her because of her size and age. She loves peace and life and hates the darkness of caves, and dark woods. when she was a little girl, she was afraid of the dark. Her favorate animal is a bird. She is well trusted and well respected as a princess and warrior. Sometimes the other faeries are afraid to speak their minds around her, but once they get to know her, they see that she is the nicest kindest faerie they've ever met. -Emma at the beach -Emma in her school uniform -Emma practicing her gift Emma in her royal dress Emma's ancester, Queen Tania when she was a princess Faerie rose plot: name: age: 15 element: water personality: nice, overprotective at times, history: Faerie rose plot: name: age: element: none (she is not a faerie) personality: history: She becomes friends with some of the faeries and notices that they dont act normal and she wants to know whats up
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thing1andthing2 says:   26 August 2008   819648  
yayz first comment!  i LUV the whole plot idea!  YOU ARE SUCH A GREAT WRITER i read
your story about the island and the one about the devil and the was
amazing.  I cant wait to see how this story turns out!!!!!
AnimalHugger23 says :   26 August 2008   193839  
woah! even though im a stranger, im gonna say im in love with your stories :D
your gonna become a writter when your older and im gonna be the first person to read
your book ^^
this is soooo ahmazing!
HEY I REMBER THE DEVIL AND ANGEL STORY (i think) because i think you told it to me (:
I love that story!
okay im done XD

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