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charecters ive made for The Offical Roleplaying Club

Hello, this page has all the charecters so far for my roleplaying club.  It has more pictures of the charecters and
everything.  Here is a link to the club 

Faerie Rose Plot:
     There is a kingdom in the clouds (called Cloud Kingdom) and faeries live there.  One-thousand earth years ago, the
faeries had a magical golden rose that could heal anything with just one touch.  It was stolen by an evil spirit.  The
faeries were planning on poisoning the spirit so that she would die but the spirit knew their plan so she stole the
golden rose and hid it in her pocket.  Then the Cloud Kindom's faeries poisoned her and burried her alive.  She knew
that soon the faeries would come looking for the rose and that would be her chance to escape because when faeries
poisoned her, she didn't die.  Now, one-thousand years after the rose and the evil spirit was burried, there is a deadly
disease that kills faeries, as well as humans, and its spreading.  The queen of Cloud Kingdom decided to send some
trusted brave teen faeries on a quest to find the magic golden rose.  Among those is her daughter.  The chosen faeries
have to have a spell put on their wings so that they will disapear, go down to earth, and try to be normal human teens. 
Thats right, alot can happen in one-thousand years.  It turns out that they built a school above where they buried the
devil and the rose, and so the chosen faeries have to act...normal, but thats easier said than done.

Faerie Rose Plot
Name: Emma
Gge: 14
Personality: shy, quiet, kind, sensative
Element: light
     Emma is the princess of faerie cloud and is well trusted, not only as a princess, but also as a warrier. 
Sometimes, peaple underestimate her because of her age and size.  Emma has a rare, special gift.  She can use light to
walk on water, and move water around.  Emma practices her gift when nobody is looking becuase she wants to keep it a
secret.  Emma loves the ocean and watching the sunset.  She also loves peace and life, but hates the darkness of caves,
and dark woods.  When she was a little girl, she was afraid of the dark.  Her favorate animal is a bird.    Sometimes
the other faeries are afraid to speak their minds around her, but once they get to know her, they see that she is the
nicest, kindest faerie they've ever met.
-Emma at the beach

-Emma in her school uniform

-Emma practicing her gift

Emma in her royal dress

Emma's  ancestor, Queen Tania when she was a princess
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