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The Official Rollplaying Like Professionals Kupipage

Hello, this is the offical kupipage for the Rollplaying Like Professionals Club.  Here is the club page  This page gets Updated frequently so you should check in alot.  All club members
have to read the club rules.

Club Rules:
1- No cussing, being rude, or anything like that.
2- If you think you have a good idea for a new plot, tell me and i will see if it is acceptable
3-The way your entries should be written is name of plot, charecter's name, charecter's age, charecter's personality,
any extra information that the plot requires, and a picture of your charecter, then you write entry, and then write your
4-Don't put a picture of your charecter for your signature
5-The only time you post something on a plot page in the club is when your creating a new entry. (no commenting on
peaple's entrys on the plot page, there is a special comment board in the club and you can do that there) 
6-Charecter pictures can only be anime
7-Only put one picture of your charecter (referring to rule number 5) if you want, you can create a kupipage for your
charecter that has any additional information on your charecter and many pictures.  If you do that, for each entry after
the picture of your charecter write: for more in formation on (insert charecter name here), go to (insert link to
kupipage here)
8-respect all club members/club staff members
9-How The Club Works: (specific rules)
    -There will be a page for a plot and in parenthasees there would be the word plot.  Then for the same plot there
will be a page for charecters.  You are to make a charecter in charecter format (check rule number 5) and send me a
letter of your charecter in charecter format (again, check rule number 5)  Then, i will either ask you to change
something, tell you the charecter isn't acceptable overall (which is highly unlikely), or accept it.  Once i accept your
charecter, you can then post it on the charecter page.  When there are four charecters on the charecter page, the plot
may begin.  Before you submit a new entry, you must send me a letter with the entry.  I will either make corrections or
tell you its acceptable.  Once i accept your entry, you may post it on the plot's page.  

If You Break A Rule:
1-If you break a rule once, you get a warning
2-If you break a rule twice, you get thrown out of the club 

Frequently Asked Questons:

Q-If i get thrown out of the the club, can i ever come back in?
A-Yes, it is possible for you to get back in. It depends what you did wrong to get thrown out. If it was a simple
careless mistake and you apoligize, you may get back in.  If you do somthing like call club members "bad" words, be
disrespectfull, or anything like that, it is probebly very unlikely for you to you get back in.  Keep in mind that when
you get thrown out, all posts made by you is lost.  

Q-What if I post a comment without getting it aproved?
A-If you do that, then it will not only count as your warning for breaking a rule, but you might also loose your
privalige of creating posts (entrys) for a while.  

Q-How can i help this club, or any other of your clubs?
A-The best way to help is to try to get peaple to join.  

Q-What does it mean when i sent a request, but your still pending it?
A-That means that you are on the waiting list. There might be many peaple wanting to enter a club like this.

Q-What if I didn't break any of the rules
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