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Why cut your life up?

Why cut up your life? What does that mean? It means why take a knife, a blade, broken glass, or any sharp object & put it to your skin. Why? Why would you do that? Are you hurt from the inside? Are you stressed? Cutting yourself wont get you anywhere and will help no one. Go ahead cut yourself be stupid we shouldnt give a damn about your gay ass mistake. If your dead and gone well guess what? LIFE GOES ON. We are not gonna stop our lives , just because you died. Why be like that? Dont ever cut yourself because you dont feel wanted. --------------------------------------------------------- Cutting is like a crime... _____________________|_|_______________________ I had a sister named Verionika she was 16 when she died. She always tried to kill me whatever she could hurt me with she did. On March 4th she was in my room a knife in her hand. She started to cut herself I tried stopping her. She didnt listen. Anyway she made 9 cuts on her stomach 2 on her wrist. Two mins later she fell down dead...forever. ________________________________________________ Since that day I think she made a mistake but like I said life goes on , people move on... She took her own life away..I will not blame myself for the pain she caused and done to me. There is a picture of her on my back both of us smiling. On my wall in my room. I look at that picture and say......You know what..forget you..I am not stopping for abuse me anymore...your mistake ..not mine......Bye V.V I love u but i hate you hope you learned for your life to not take mine... ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Hi Im Matthew, Im 21 years old and almost 8 years ago since my sister V's death. Im still look at her picture every morning. She may have been a bad sister but she was also a good one at times. I will not stop my life just because she dead..its stupid..Take my story and pass it to your friends..or someone in need of help..I hope you look at hurting yourself a diffrent way now..Thank you for reading my story. ::::::::::::::::: Comment below if u know someone who has killed themselves.. Or wanting to. Or if you wanna just share what you thought of this. Comment if you want to help those people.
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  ‹Matthew_blue eyed› — Page created: 16 January 2011
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‹harvestmoon♥› says:   16 January 2011   316672  
Oh my.
What a sad story. ;^;
But you did the right thing, with moving on with life. c:
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   16 January 2011   903304  
Emo's short for emotional, sensitvity, not 'I cut myself'. That's what people do to
give us a bad reputation. I had a cousin who was emo....stereotypical, cutting self
emo. She died of blood loss. That's not what emo is. That's what attention-seekers
‹Matthew_blue eyed› says:   16 January 2011   730102  
i never said anything about eMo I ant stupid I know what it means..
‹<< In love with the damned >>› says:   17 January 2011   591537  
if this is about what i wrote talk to me about it in a message and dont write this
because of Noah
‹Matthew_blue eyed› says:   17 January 2011   137010  
Who is Noah?...
‹<< In love with the damned >>› says:   17 January 2011   488319  
the guy u talked to on my diary
‹Matthew_blue eyed› says:   17 January 2011   332677  
Op...well no I wrote this bc my sister she would of been 23 today...if she didnt end
her life.
‹<< In love with the damned >>› says:   17 January 2011   973979  
ok, sorry,
‹Matthew_blue eyed› says:   17 January 2011   872138  
I dont care anymore ...forget it...forget her..
‹<< In love with the damned >>› says:   17 January 2011   280681  
okay we can forget this but u cant forget her
‹Matthew_blue eyed› says:   17 January 2011   155403  
Yes i can...
‹SilentOrchestra› says:   17 January 2011   573325  
You shouldn't forget about those that you love ............. And yes people cut them
selves because they think it will help them bleed out their pain others do it because
they are to stressed out to live. As for me i did it because i was having some bad
family issues and wanted to die. And I'm sorry that your sister died.
‹Matthew_blue eyed› says:   17 January 2011   507903  
Issues can be fixed the things she did to me can not..
‹Icy Night Sky› says :   18 January 2011   166039  
I agree with you, Matt. There is no reason to cut. And ‹мαcқιә› is right,
too. They are just attention-seekers. In the end, cutters only hurt those around
them, but do nothing for themselves.
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