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This page is owned by iameverything.

file this out please only girls

hi  i did this test for girls 
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TEST The Your Type of Girl Test
      1. Let's start with something simple: You're at a costume party filled with many girls in various outfits. Who
catches your eye first?
aThe Perky Cheerleader
bThe Naughty Schoolgirl
cThe Hippie with the Sexy Midriff
dThe Fallen Angel with Black Wings/Halo

2. Good. Now: trying to ignore physical differences, which overall appearance do you think is the most attractive?

A naked girl
B cheerleader
C a gymnist

3. For the purposes of this question, you're a straight guy. On your first date with a girl, what would you like her to
answer the door wearing?
Regular jeans, cute sweater/shirt, light makeup
Low-rise jeans, sexy midriff, lots of makeup
Baggy khakis, band t-shirt, arm band, dark eyeshadow
Nothing at all

4. Fascinating! So... who's most attractive?

A miley
B vannessa
C sharpey

5. Which adjective best describes the clothing you like to see on women?




7. Tattoos and/or piercings? (If you like EITHER of the two, even if you hate the other, pick the first answer)

8. Ok. Quit yelling and tell me who's the most attractive.


9. Once again: you're a straight guy. Where would you like your girlfriend to do her shopping? Assume money isn't an
A Christian Dior Boutique
The Gap
Hot Topic
Thrift Store / Classic Clothing Shop

10. This tells us more than you think...


The Your Type of Girl Test, continued 
You've answered 10 of 30, by the way

      11. This is a new kind of question, but don't worry, it's not tough to answer.

Do you find these girls' appearance (again, not features), Very attractive, Unmoving either way, or TOTALLY
Very Attractive
No Opinion / Only Sort Of
Totally Unattractive

12. Most excellent. Now how about her?

Very Attractive
No Opinion / Only Sort Of
Totally Unattractive

13. Remember, we're not talking about physical attributes here, but overall vibe. What about this girl?

Very Attractive
No Opinion / Only Sort Of
Totally Unattractive

14. And how about this one?

Very Attractive
No Opinion / Only Sort Of
Totally Unattractive

15. One more to round out this set.

Very Attractive
No Opinion / Only Sort Of
Totally Unattractive

Moving on, moving on.
 who woud u kiss in chocies of boys
a brad pitt
b monte caros
c  zac efron 
 are u gay
a yes  
b  no  
 thatnks for taking my quiz  email me  ur answer or just comment
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  iameverything — Page created: 7 September 2007
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Slushie1995 says:   7 September 2007   781957  
um what is this page sorry
iameverything says:   7 September 2007   796494  
its a page girls are supposed to awnser ahh duh
Danielle10 says :   22 July 2008   612868  
Uh, this quiz is either for guys or for lesbians. The title shouldn't be "only
girls". I noticed that on the first question.

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