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My Role-Play Characters

I do not own background image/layout of this page, that would be Yanely's <3 This is a page created just for my many Role-Play characters, I'll let you know now, I own no pictures and there will be a few characters I don't own, I'll mark them. 90% of these are OCs though. This is the basic Character Outline/Skeleton I use:
Name: Age: Sex: Sexuality: Race: Height/Weight: Hair/eye color: Appearance: Turn-ons: Turn-offs: Seme/Uke/Versatile: Heredity: Birthplace: Occupation: Education: Home Life: Hobbies: Temperament: Abilities: Qualities: Flaws: Additional Notes: *
Name: Fae Woodrow Age: 17 Sex: Female Sexuality: Questioning Race: Human Height/Weight: 5'2";115lbs Hair/eye color: Dark brown with light brown highlights; Light Brown Appearance: Turn-ons: Biting, Hair Pulling, Scratching, Licking, Teasing, Moaning, Bondage, Mild Pain, Blood Turn-offs: Spitting, Choking, Slapping, Kicking, Dirty Surroundings, Bad Odor, Being Completely Controlled Seme/Uke/Versatile: Versatile Heredity: Native American, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Brittish, English, German Birthplace: Illinois, United States of America Occupation: High School Student Education: High School Home Life: -Lives with Mother & Little Sister & Two Dogs -Father is an Alcoholic; left when Fae was 3 or 4, left Fae's life almost completely when she was 13 then came back while she was 17 Hobbies: Listening to Music, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Roller Skating, Colouring, Singing, Dancing, Playing Guitar, Sleeping, Acting, Painting Temperament: Pretty happy and outgoing except for when angry. Abilities: Control Wind, Charm, Charisma, Comedian Qualities: Friendly, Fun, Outgoing, Brave, Fearless, CrazyInsane, Stubborn, Sarcastic, Determined, Violent, moody Flaws: Stubborn, CrazyInsane, Violent Additional Notes: *Gemini *May Have Split-Personality Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [I do not own this next character, the creators of Durarara!! own him, I just enjoy playing him!] Name: Izaya Orihara Age: 24 Sex: Male Sexuality: Pansexual Race: Unknown Height/Weight: 5'9"(175cm)/128lbs(58kg) Hair/eye color: Dark Brown-almost black; Brown eyes-that change red occasionally Appearance: Turn-ons: Blood, Blades, Biting, Scratching, Pain, Challenges, Resistance, Moaning, Bondage, S&M (to an extent), Hair Pulling, Dirty Talk, Shizuo Heiwajima, Strength, Inability to control Turn-offs: Weaklings, Filth, Stupidity, Cowardice, Predictability (too much of it), Fish, Onion Seme/Uke/Versatile: Seme (But plays Uke with certain people) Heredity: Japanese Birthplace: Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan Occupation: Informant Education: High School Graduate Home Life: -Lives by himself -Keeps an eye on his two little sisters -Doesn't talk to his parents like ever Hobbies: Tormenting Group Suicide Participants, Causing Chaos, Playing Chess, Playing Cards, Causing Drama, Pissing off Shizuo Temperament: Undetermined Abilities: Speed, Strength, Good with any blade, Good with words, Good at getting into peoples heads Qualities: Insane, Clever, Brave, Fearless, Sarcastic, Vain, Stubborn, Determined, Independent Flaws: Insane, Vain, Additional Notes: *Is trying to deny the fact that he may have feelings for "Shizu-chan" *Always has some plan in his head *Anticipates peoples reactions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Takahashi Setusuo Age: Unknown Sex: Male Sexuality: Pansexual Race: Vampire/Immortal/Demon Height/Weight: 6'4"; 138lbs Hair/eye color: Blonde with Brown Highlights; Brown (sometimes changes to blue) Appearance: Turn-ons: Pain, Blood, Biting, Scratching, Hair Pulling, Moaning, Bondage Turn-offs: S&M, Filth, Onions Seme/Uke/Versatile: Seme (Very rarely Uke) Heredity: Japanese, German, Italian Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan Occupation: Secret Agent Education: High School Graduate, College/University Graduate Home Life: -Lives alone Hobbies: Playing Violin, Reading, Taking strolls, Flirting, Writing Music, Temperament: Usually really relaxed and calm, collected Abilities: Reads minds, Speed, strength, learns to play instruments well, Charm Qualities: Kind, Polite, Caring, Protective, Calm, Brave, Fearless, Clueless(at times) Flaws: Clueless, When he gets angry it's REALLY bad, Additional Notes: *Very Popular with people *Has a Victorian way of speaking, doesn't use conjectives (e.g. don't, can't, won't, shouldn't) *Has a charming smile *Is more Seme -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Togi Hiramaru Age: 19 Sex: Male Sexuality: Gay Race: Wolf-Demon Height/Weight: 5'8"; 134lbs Hair/eye color: Blonde with brown Highlights; Brown (sometimes changes to Blue) Appearance: Turn-ons: Biting, Scratching, Hair Pulling, Doggie Style, Bondage, Dominance, Blood, Turn-offs: Filth, Bad Odors, Girls, Girlie Moans from men, Girlie men Seme/Uke/Versatile: Uke Heredity: Japanese Birthplace: Unknown Occupation: Unknown Education: Some High School Home Life: -Travels a lot -Doesn't remember his parents Hobbies: Biking, Moped(ing?), Drawing, Singing, Playing drums, Dancing, Hiking, Playing with Rubic Cubes, Playing cards, Smoking, Drinking, Sex Temperament: Tries to play off the Bad Boy act Abilities: Is unnaturally fast and slightly stronger than a regular human, can also create/control fire, can sing. Qualities: Stubborn, Prideful, Brave, Sarcastic, Rude at first, Sensitive, Determined, childish Flaws: Stubborn, Prideful, Likes violence and gore too much, Insane-ish, can actually be clingy Additional Notes: *Is actually a bad boy Stereotype (He isn't actually a bad boy but looks and acts like one to strangers) *Plays Uke and Seme-depending on person. *Is currently motorcycle-less, so he uses a moped, that looks like a motorcycle -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I do not own the background image/layout of this page, that would be Yanely's <3
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