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Cutter (a book by me)

My name's Manni and this is my story........
 Im running...and running, the city zooming behind me. i dont know where im going but i still move my feet. suddenly i
hear a voice behind me, "Manni, Manni!" It's Emma, i stop and wonder how she found me. "Manni! Come quick!" she pants.
"It's your dad, he...he...he...they...its...he's in the hospital!" I freeze, my brain goes numb,i hold back
one's ever seen me cry. Only when i was a baby, and now im 13. I fall to the ground. Suddenly i get up and run home. The
ambulence is leaving and Meridith, my dad's wife, snickers at me. Emma is running behind me and she sees Meridith's
look. Emma must've known what i was thinking because she walked over to Meridith and yelled, "U bitch! how could you? i
knew it was you!" Meridith smiled an evil smile then looked at me. "Manni," she says, "your dad is not going to be okay,
believe me, so im adopting you" I walk up to her and in my strongest voice i yell, "I hate you! you stupid bitch! i cant
belive you!" She smiles.I pause. Then without thinking, I run inside to the kitchen  grab a pair of scissors. I hold it
to my wrist slightly at first, then pushing down harder i slit my wrist. the blood oozes out and relief crosses my body.

               Chapter one. Detention! 
     The bell rings, Emma and i rush to homeroom. No one knows i cut myself. At my school if your emo you might as well
be on the chess team. im in 8th grade now and its the 3rd week of school. Emma's mom is the principal so Emma and i 
have the same schedual. Emma's parents are still together. Her dad is the math teacher for 7th graders, i had  him last
year. My mom lives in Cali. Emma says thats only a short distance from here in Florida . But i know she's just trying to
make me feel better.  Emma and i have been best friends since we were born. My birthday is on July 6 and hers is July 3
so she's just a couple days older than me.  Emma would  NEVER do anything to hurt me but i still dont tell her. Emma is
the kind of friend that cares about you so much that you're like sisters. It's nice to know that there's someone there I
can count on.  My dad and i were close. We did almost everything together. The night he died, my world came crashing
down, i havn't talked much since.  I know my dad wouldn't want me to do some of the things i do now but he isnt here so
who cares? "Manni, Manni, Manni!" the teacher says, i must've been day dreaming. "do u know the awnser?" she asks I just
look at her and shake my head. "well then," she says,"detention for daydreaming!" I see Emma from the corner of my eye
and she stands up. "what??!" she yells "no you cant do that! it's a proven fact that daydreaming is a good way to solve
any problem, and so you cant send her to detintion!!" The teacher snickers at Emma and she ends up in detention with

                    CHAPTER TWO "hurt yourself on purpose?"

        Emma and i are sitting in detention when her mom comes in.  She smiles and lets us out of the room. We walk to
our lockers get our stuff and start walking home. we usually get a ride but today her mom was busy with some kids.  "so
i was thinking," she says, "we could sign up for cheerleading!" i just stare at her "Come on, Manni! U have to talk
sometime!" she yells.
the next day she drags me to the gym makes me put sweats on and try out. Emma makes the team, "I made it! Manni, I made
it!!!" she yells and i smile.We go to our lockers after changing  "why do u always wear long sleeves?" she asks me. I
put arms behind my back but she grabs them and lifts up my sleeve. Suddenly she drops it and becomes silent. I pull back
my arm and say "ITS NOTHING, EMMA," She nods and tells me she has to get to class so we both go to english. as we're
walking home Emma says, "how can you do that, Manni? i mean hurt yourself on purpose?" I sigh and say,"it doesnt hurt at
all and dont you think you're being a little dramatic?" Emma stops. "DRAMATIC?!" She yells,"Dramatic was when i slapped
you for not giving me the malibo barbie i wanted for my birthday in third grade!!!! This is serious! You need help!!!!!"
I just look at my feet. "Manni! do you not get what i'm saying?!!?!?!?!" she asks me. i just shrug and run home.     

                    	CHAPTER 3 "Sick"
              Emma hasn't talked to me since that friday when she said i needed help. And since then i havn't been
feeling well. So today i decided to stop her in the hall. She and i have lockers right next to eachother. I waited for
her and when she came i grabbed her arm so she'd stop. "WHAT DO YOU WANT?" she asked me "Why wont u talk to me?"  i
asked, she didnt awnser me so i let go of her. "Because your an emo freak!!" she yelled. Tears filled my eyes and all
the kids in the hall start laughing and calling me names like 'emo freak, emo bitch and stuff like that. Emma just walks
away. How could she do that to me? Suddenly i get dizzy and all the noise around me fades. i fall to the ground. then
wake up in the hospital.When i wake up Emma is standing over me and her eyes are red from crying. "What the hell?" i ask
her  "you're in the hospital. Too much blood loss" she says  "what are you talking about?" i ask then see my wrist i
always cut wraped in a bandage.  "how could you do that to me? i mean i thought we were best friends!" i ask sitting up
and remembering what happened at school. Emma starts to cry "i dont know! i mean i just don't know!" she says sobbing
now. "But i do know this, they're sending you to a, um, place for help. Don't say that's fucked because u need it,
Manii, you're sick!" My eyes are wide with fear and i know Emma can tell. "what kind of place?" i ask "it's called, um,
Ken's teen refresment house" she says.
                           CHAPTER 4 "K.T.R.H"
  "Refreshment camp? Oooh sooooo scary!" i say knowing i sound crazy. Suddenly Meridith walks in and i can tell she was
crying "why the hell were you crying!" i snap at her. The look in her eyes was a real kind of sad not the kind of sad I
saw when dad had died. "I love you" was all she could say and then walked out. as if i were in a movie theater all of my
life flashed b4 my eyes. Birthdays,Dates,Dinners,Dances,Sad things and happy things.When it came to that warm summer day
it stopped going so fast and slowed down I Began to cry, "I'm sorry, im so so sorry! Please don't make me go!" i started
scratching my wrists, franticly trying to get the bandage off and trying to scratch myself.  The nurse comes in and
stabs me with a needle suddenly i fall asleep and wake up in the back of a van seatbelted and everything, only now im
dressed in a plain white tee and blue jeans. I have my own bra and underwear on but  the clothes came
from..............? Later we arrive at a big white building with at least 7 floors. And on the front of the building it
said, Kens TEEN Refreshment House. I snicker and the driver turns around. "AAAH, So our little cutter is awake! Morning
sunshine!!" he flashes me a smile then comes around and unlocks my door to let me out. I snicker once again and he grabs
my arm and yanks me out of the van. "Who the hell dressed me?" i snap at him. He chuckles, "your friend SWEETIE, the one
at the hospital..." I glare at him and he once again chuckles. "You know..I'm not trying to hurt you...or your
feelings..." i look in his eyes to see if he's tellin the truth...and he is..I smile and start walking toward the
entrance, maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all. He runs and catches up with me. I realize his hair is a golden blonde
and he has baby blue eyes...just like my dad..Tears fill my eyes and he notices "whats wrong,baby girl?" he asks in a
very sweet tone I smile and reply " fine.what's your name?" Stars appear in his eyes and he
replies,"Sebastion" I smile then continue walking toward the door. When i get to the doors i see, well, HELL. I  don't
want this! I think and then, without thinking, I RUN. Kicking my shoes off i run, far, but not far enough because
Sebastion stays on my tail and catches me. "Now, babygirl, you know you can't do that. It'll get you in a lot of
trouble." I smirk and he draggs me inside..
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