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If only you knew me...(A book i wrote!! but only first chapters)

"Ellie!" I turn around to see the cutest boy-no- the hottest boy running toward me and calling my name. "Ellie! Wait!"
The boy finally catches up with me. His hair, bleach blonde, his eyes, deep blue, and those lips! OH! His lips are that
of an angel. I finally find words and say,"Hi, um, do i know you?" STUPID STUPID STUPID! I try to laugh but my throaght
is dry, I've never felt like this before. "Yeah, well sort of. We met at camp Lallo, we were 10, i think." I couldn't
believe it. LANDUN! Last time i saw him he had braces, short brown hair, and thick rimmed glasses. "Landun!?" I yell
excitedly. "Yep!" I stare into his eyes, he stares into mine. "Wow! You've um, changed,  ALOT!" i murmer. He laughs, and
of course, that is cute too. I can feel myself blushing so i look down, feeling self-conseous. I was walking home from
soccer practice so i was a...DISASTER! My redish-black hair was pulled back and little hairs were  sticking up from all
directions. I was wearing baggy orange shorts and a white t-shirt.  Then to make the matters worse i probably smelled
like dirty socks. He smiles, making me blush more. "So, do you live here?" He says. I nod pointing to a house down the
street. "I have a great view of the ocean. And if you sit on my back fence in my backyard we can see the ocean clearly."
He chuckles and i realize that was probably the dumbest thing i have ever said. Then it hits me, how did he find me?
"So, um? How exactly did you know where i was? And where i live?" He smiles, this time exposing his white teeth, i want
to melt. "I just moved here, and um when i was walking around town i saw you playing soccer and, well i couldn't resist.
I went back home to grab something to eat, but when i came back you were gone and i asked your teamates where you where.
They told me and so i ran. You've changed alot ya know?" I smile and hug him. We were 13, times had changed and this,
this was going to be fun! I invited him in and introduced him to my family, My mom, Lydia, my little sister Massie, and
my older brother, Peter. After changing, showering, and brushing my hair we go sit on my fence. Watching the waves hit
eachother i think, this is going to be the BEST summer ever!
After waking up, showering, getting dressed, and eating, i went outside, secretly hoping Landun would come out. It
turned out, he lives right nextdoor. "Ellie," i heard my mom say from behind me, "Can you run down to the store and get
some stuff for me?" I shrugged and took the list from her hand. I hardly ever disobeyed my mom, i loved her too much.
Even though everyone called me 'lil miss perfeft' i didn't mind.  I grabbed my shoes and started running down the
street. Hallie's Grocery and Grill was 2 blocks away. I was right in fron of the store when i heard panting behind me, i
stopped and turned around. "Landun?!" I cried in disbelief. "Yea...i...(pant) was ch-(pant) chasing you" I giggled and
handed him some water. He smiled, his smile just made me want to melt. I showed him the list and we went inside
together, HOLDING HANDS! I could tell he wasn't a 'perfect person' as people would say at my school. And he obviously
wasn't going to change. So i asked him if he went to my school, "James Paul Jr. High?" he asked, and i grinned. He
hugged me, and once again, my bones were no longer there.  I explain to him, my grades were important, my family
mattered,and other 'goody 2 shoes' stuff. He didn't mind, though and i liked that. After returning with pork chops, ice
cream, ice cream cones, corn, salad, and other items Landun and i went to the park.
After swinging for oh, 5 minutes, Landun stood up and walked over to my swing, "There's something i want to ask you" He
said and i stopped swinging. "Anything." I replieid and he stared in my eyes. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He said,
shyly. I couldn't believe it, "YES!" I cried. He hugged me then, unexpecdidly, he kissed me, right on the lips. Wanna go
back to my place? He asked holding my hand. "Sure!" I replied, but i had no clue that today was just the beginning to a
horrible summer, and a horrible me. We walked to his house, and i felt high, my feet were practicly floating, everything
was brighter-better. He held my hand, and i held his.Suddenly he stopped, we were in an alley, "this isn't where you
kill me, is it?" I asked, jokeingly. "No, this is where i make out with you until our tounges are raw", he said,
grinning. I scoffed, and shook my head lightly. He leaned in to kiss me, i stared into his eyes....And big girls don't
cry....My cell phone rang, "Dang," i said, "It's my mom." He leaned back and stared at  me while i flipped open my phone
and answered, "Hey mom." my mom sounded mad "Ellie!"I flinched, "Ellie! you were supposed to be home 10 minutes ago!" I
rolled my eyes "Sorry mom!" Then i flipped shut my phone and stared at Landun.
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i wrote a book 2.

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