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Amanda was a straight A student. 
She was good at everything. 
Her results for all off her exams were outstanding and she was adored by all of her teachers. 
However her school mates did not think so highly of her. 
They thought she was a goodygoody. 
Amanda knew that they didn't like her. 
But she wanted that to change.
It was summer break. 
6 weeks of pure bliss.
But for Amanda these weeks were full of dread and fear for the next academic year.
Would everyone still hate her?
Would they still bully her?
She wanted this to stop.
So a week before school began again she went to the shopping centre.
She had saved up £500 to spend.
She went into all the shops and bought everything that would look cool.
She was so proud of herself.
'At last I'll be liked!'
So she went back home and spent the last week of summer planning all of her outfits.
When she came back to school she was in a mini skirt, which slightly showed her silk underwear, a crop top, and high
Everyone stared at her.
She looked so different.
Her first lesson was English with Mr Jenkins.
He adored Amanda for her academic ability.
She was late into class, and she strided sexily to her desk.
He gawped at her. 
What was she wearing?
It looked good!
After all the students had begun working, he walked up to Amanda and told her to meet him in his office.
He walked out of the classroom and Amanda went to the loos.
She took out makeup and smiled.
This was her chance.
To be a bad bad girl.
She walked into his office.
'What is it Mr J?'
'I just... wanted ... to talk to ... you...' he stuttered.
'Do you want me to open a window, sir? You look awfully flustered and hot!' she teased him.
He was nervous. 
Should he ? Shouldn't he ?
Yes, he should.
'No thankyou Amanda.'
'So what was it you wanted to talk to me about?'
'Please, come closer!'
'Sure thing.'
He looked at her breasts and she pulled her chair closer. 
She had never worn anything so tight fitting.
She had a good figure.
Amanda looked down at her chest too.
'Is there, anything there, Mr J?'
'No.. Nothing at all.'
He stood up from his desk.
She could see through his trousers that his dick was erect.
He went to lock the door.
She also stood up and walked towards him.
She pushed him against the wall.
'Amanda!' he said happily.
'Just you be quiet, sir.'
And he did as he was told.
She slid down to his pants and unzipped them. 
They fell to the floor quietly revelaing his underwear.
The head of his dick was poking out.
She grabbed it.
He squealed a little.
She then stuck it in her mouth and gave him a sensational blow job.
She came back to his face and he took of her top.
There lay the best set of boobs he'd ever seen.
He fondled them and got rougher and harder.

To be cont.
Do you like it??
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  hotthirteen — Page created: 9 July 2010
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‹EcoAßßy› says:   9 July 2010   646369  
Intresting! I can't wait for the next bit.
KAZKAZADI says:   9 July 2010   986411  
KAZKAZADI says:   9 July 2010   359276  
hotthirteen says:   14 July 2010   515518  
ha ha! thankx abby! sorry its so last year kazkazadi.. but thasts what i dooooo X)
finger_me_hard says :   9 August 2010   990142  
i looved it lol

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