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Hi my name is Kacie Lynn Jackson. I was born on May 27, 1995 to Sandra and William (Died). I have two brothers name
Jason and TJ, I have three sisters Don-maria, Nicole, and Megan. My two brothers and my one sister are all grown up and
Megan died at birth. I was born in Charles town MA and it was hard. When I was four my first memory was my mom hitting
me. See as I was younger my mom hit me and yelled at me and my sister and she was never around. I remember my dad
leaving because he was sick. He loved me I know that. I moved when I was around six to South Boston MA. I lived in a
small apartment and my grandma would watch me everyday because my mom worked a lot. I continue to be abuse and I was
force in my room because my mom had guys over. My mom was never around all she wanted was guy and work not her kids. My
family moved in with my Great Aunt in the same town we lived there to I was about seven and Moved in with my god mother
house in Lynn MA. I loved living there but one night my mom and her got in a fight and we moved to my grandmas house
back in Charles town MA. We loved living there but when I was 8 I was outside playing with my friend when the kidnapper
who hurt little girls came up to us we ran and we got help. Me and my friend was walked home. My mom James my stepdad
(he died) he wasn’t around must to my grandma got in a fight with my mom (she tried saving me and my sister from the
hits we got) We moved out and moved to Lewiston Maine.

I made lots of friends and the hits turned to angry yells and blames. I was scared. My stepdad almost rape me but lucky
me he got kicked out (another thing my mother blames me for)  We moved to Auburn Maine where I was picked on and hurt.
My mom hated having me for a daughter and she started talking to her self. We moved back to Lewiston Maine because that
was home. My mom continue to yell at me more and more and she would get angry a lot and she would take my stuff animal
and make them call me names. My dad died wen I was 10.

When I turn 13 I became depress and hated my mom even more. I cut myself and I started to drink because I thought it
help but a god person help me stop. I continue to want to kill my self and die. I get picked on in school and people
hurt me. My mom abuse my cat and she would throw thing and stomp and yell. I would stay away from her and she is never
home and she drinks and she is a angry drunk. I cry my self to sleep and I sometimes don’t sleep or eat. This is my
life and it is not a good life.
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‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   20 January 2009   329342  
I'm so sorry. I know that probaly doesn't help at all. but I'm so sorry
‹Emma Bear› says:   6 February 2009   847476  
Its ok I am getting help now
‹Mrs. Skandar Keynes› says:   10 February 2009   483823  
My... I feel so sorry for you! I feel like the tears are coming on ;`(
‹Emma Bear› says :   10 February 2009   844736  
thank you i am ok and better now

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