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zak was working in hes cubecul and a messeg pops up with a contact zak clicks it he starts watch a show to lesys starts
haveing sex hes boss witch is a girl walk in as he gos to come she tells him to go home and shell come over affter work
to exsplan wot he was doing as she walks out she tells him to put peants on.2hours later he gos to the door it was hes
he started to exsplan but she jumped in to hes lap reps off her dress shes wearing nothink she um zips hes jeans thay
both wake up in bed shes giggle they kiss and start again.they called in and said thay were sick.the next day they had
gone in the same elervater she premoted him she said meeting now every one heared in the billding they went oooooooooo
she told him to pul out a dildo and make here happy when he came out they all looked at him he was more happy thay were

                                              need more money and ill cone tinu the storey and get more describ better
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  hateycargo — Page created: 24 June 2008
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