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This page is owned by happybunnyroxmysox.

Toasty (or Sox's) Music Review!

Welcome to my Music Review Page! Just call me Toasty or Sox! Well, on this page, I'm gonna tell ya which music is good and which music sux! now don't get all pissy if i say anything bad about your fave band, to me they mite suck! So let's begin!! Band/Singer: Panic at the Disco Type of Music: Rock My say in them: THIS IS THE BEST BAND EVER!!!!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE PANIC AT THE DISCO THEN YOU HAVE A CRUEL, SICK, STUPID, HEAD!!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE PANIC AT THE DISCO, THEN JUST DROP DEAD!! I luv panic at the disco and go CR@ZY when i saw them on Saturday Night Live...i was just screaming at the screen "OMG YAY PATD!!" They are awesome, ive listened to the CD at least 10x in like 2days! Stars: ***** Toasty or Burned: TOASTY!!!! Band/Singer: Jonas Brothers Type of music: gayish My say in them: Im sorry, but their music sux! Espicially that song "When You Look Me In the Eyes" That song is a piece of turd covered in throw up! THEY ARE DISCUSTING!!! THEY CAN'T SING!! THEY SUCK! The only reason why they are popular is because they have looks (but to me they look like a piece of turd) Stars: ** (im bein' very nice by givin' them stars!) Toasty or Burned:BURNED LIKE A BUTTHOLE! Band/Singer: Hannah Montana Type of music: gayish; trying to be cool My say in them: Uh....This girl is probrably worth like, eh, $5 (im bein' very nice by sayin' she's worth anything). She can't sing; she sounds like a dying cat singing "IM A LOSER!!" I like the show kind of, sort of, k not really! I hate it cause everybody makes a big deal about her, SHE SUX!! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE TOAST PPL!!!! Stars: * Toasty or Burned: BURNED LIKE A BUTT HOLE!! Band/Singer: Colbie Caillat Type of music: Pop (i think) What i think of them: I like her voice, it's nice! She's not my fave, but i do consider her to be good! I wouldn't worship her like i do PATD tho, but i would like to get her autograph! Stars: *** Toasty or Burned: Toasty Band/Singer: Green Day Type of music: Rock (i think or somethin' like that) What i think of them: They are descent. I don't mind listening to their music, but not all day! I wouldn't go to a concert tho! I like them tho, nothin' bad against them! Stars: *** Toasty or Burned: in between Band/Singer: Estalle Type of music: ?? What i think of them: I like her voice, very nice! Ive only heard like 1 song tho, American Boy (AND I LUV IT!!) I wouldn't go to a concert cause im not to familiar with her music tho. I wouldn't mind to meet her, but i luv her voice almost as much as i luv chocolate! Stars: *** Toasty or Burned: Toasty Band/Singer: P.O.D. Type of music: Poop What i think of them: Well, they suck. It's like they have no clue how to play an instrament! Or they are just bashing on the drums and ruining the guitar!! And the singer just screams or tries to rap. They are like hip hop rock, it just turns your stomach around. And i go to school with the drummer's son and he also sux! Stars: * Toasty or Burned: BURNED LIKE THEIR BRAINS!!
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  happybunnyroxmysox — Page created: 7 April 2008  |  Last modified: 1 May 2008
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aquagirl7 says:   7 April 2008   637754  
lOL i love green day!
happybunnyroxmysox says:   8 April 2008   941469  
im glad ur happy with my review!
‹tango_fiesta_in_mis_pantelones› says :   1 May 2008   972474  
ya thats good but u should but mcr on there

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