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This is a page that where i am going to write just random stories. You know how there is stand-up comedy? They make up jokes right on the spot. Thats what im going to do with stories. They are just random. I am going to try to put pictures so yeah enjoy! The Dumb Fat Girl Once upon a time, there was a dumb fat girl named Katie. Katie was ugly, fat, and stupid. I personally hate Katie. Katie is very snobby too. She yells at little kids. Her is a story on what she did: "Ok you stupid little kindergardener, go get me a 24 pack of soda," commanded Katie. Katie got up and sat on a lawn chair on the playground at the park. It broke. "Hey, Sox, how do you stay so skinny?" asked Katie. "I dont know," answered Sox. "I eat McDonalds everyday," said Katie. Sox just kind of ran away. "Where is that stupid kindergardener with my 24 pack of soda!!" screamed Katie. "Here you go your fatness," said Lauren, the kindergardener. Katie drank all of the soda in 30 minutes. "OOOOO!! Looks boys! i have to fix my face!," said Katie getting our her make up. "I dont think its possible to fix your face," said Sox getting a hammer ready. Sox hammered Katie's face . That was the after. She looked uglier (if thats possible). Katie walked over to the boys and said,"Hey guys, how are you doing?." All of the boys ran away. " I put on my bestest make up! Sox hammered my face!" she called out to the boys. Katie just walked over and sat of the broken lawn chair. The Ghosty and the Girl "Your a big weenie," said Fred, teasing Luna. Fred was calling Luna a weenie because she wouldn't go into the Haunted House of Holandairy. Holandairy was a little town where Luna Jebel lived. She didn't want to go into the haunted house without her big brother, Lenny. "Come on, Luna. Its not like where gonna go at night. Just come in with us," said Jackie, Luna's friend. "Fine, i will," Luna said with a worried face. The 3 kids (Fred, Jackie and Luna) walked into the haunted house. Luna felt somebody tap her on the shoulder, but Fred and Jackie were ahead of her. "You guys, im gonna go in the kitchen," said Luna walking into the kitchen. She looked on the counter. It was very dusty, but somebody wrote on it "Come Back." Luna became very scarred now. The kids left the haunted house. Fred was scarred to death. Jackie was just whatever about it. Luna didn't talk until she got home. "Did you go into the haunted house?" asked Lenny. "Yeah, there was writing on the counter and it said, 'Come Back'." "Maybe it was a ghost. He wants you to come back to the house," said Lenny getting a glass of orange juice. "I am never going back there! It was very scary. I felt somebody tap me on the shoulder," said Luna. "Luna, go back there. But go alone. Same thing happened to me when i went in there. There is a special ghost and he knows who you are. Go back," said Lenny. Luna thought for a while and started packing a bag. She was going to spend the night. "Mom, im going to spend the night at Jackie's," said Luna. "See you in the morning, sweety. Have fun Love you!" shouted Mrs. Jebel. Luna went out the door and headed toward the haunted house. "Don't be scarred, Luna. Lenny said it would be ok," Luna said to herself. She brought a tent and set it up in an open room. Luna looked around and wasn't as scarred anymore. Luna finally fell asleep around 10:30. "Luna......................., Luna........................................, Luna.............................."said a whisper. "Huh? Who's there? I have a hammer and pepper spray!" said Luna looking out her tent. "Come into the kitchen, Luna. Come....." said the voice. Luna walked into the kitchen with her hammer. "Who are you? Show yourself!" she said. Suddenly, a ghost came through the sink. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" screamed Luna. "Don't be scarred, i am your Great Grandfather. I wanted you to come see me. i didn't want your friends to be scarred," he said. "Oh, hi there, I'm Luna," she said. "I know, you have a special power Luna. YOu can see things other ppl can't," he said. "Really? Well i do see strange things and stuff like that," she said. Luna and her Great Grandfather started talking for the whole night. MORE OF THE GHOSTY AND THE GIRL COMING SOON! THANKS FOR READING! The Ghosty and the Girl Part 2 "Wow, i never knew our family had that much money!" exclaimed Luna talking to the ghost of her great grandfather. "Yes, but i am not going to tell you where it is," he said. "Why not?" she asked. "Because i want you to find it," he said. Luna just continued to eat the chocolates she brought. "Can i bring my friends to meet you?" asked Luna. "No! do not bring them back here. YOur not aloud to be here. Nobody is but our family. If anyone else comes, it could possible curse the family tree," said the ghost. "Really? Hey, are there any other ghost in this house?" she asked. "Yes there are. But i am the leader of the ghost in this house," he said, "Now go on into your tent and get some rest. You need to be rested for tomorrow." "Ok, but i will be back tomorrow. Can i bring my brother Lenny?" she asked. "Yes you can, but have him tell nobody that he is coming," answered the ghost. Luna craweled into her tent and went to sleep. "Luna, wake up! Luna wake up! LUNA WAKE UP MOM IS WORRIED ABOUT YOU!!" screamed Lenny. "WHAT?! I TOLD HER I WAS-" "Shhh! do you want her to hear us? Now get ready and get down to the church," he said. Luna got ready as fast as she could and packed up. "Where have you been? Jackie has been here since 9:00 this morning. Where were you?" whispered Mrs. Jebel, Luna's mother. "I... I...uh... had to wait my turn to use the shower," Luna whispered back. Mrs. Jebel just looked at Luna and continued to sing hymns. MORE OF THE GHOSTY AND THE GIRL COMING SOON (IM JUST NOT IN THE MOOD TO WRITE)! THANKS FOR READING PLEASE COMMENT ON MY STORIES! Stupid Jacob Walden THere once was a boy named Jacob Walden. He thought he was so cool and tough. Well, i hate him. I hit him really hard then he says, "was that suppose to hurt?" while his eyes started to water up. i said, "is that suppose to be your face? he is really ugly and he thinks he's so smart. i hate this kid and i wish i could push into a fire then burry him in the desert. Or drown him. or cut off his big head. OR beat him with a bat until his arm falls off. thats just the way i am so dont mess with me@_@
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cuteluna says:   19 January 2008   333587  
lol, thats funny! where did yew get dat pic? its hilarious!
happybunnyroxmysox says:   20 January 2008   915465 and i typed in ugly girl
‹ikaeros› says:   8 February 2008   267891  
You just wanna bash him until his arms come off xDDDDDD
‹I_WILL_EAT_YOU_NO_MATTER_WHAT› says:   9 April 2008   754329  
LOL This is so hilarious!!!!! Katie is so fat she can't even fit in a trash can....
ROFL....Katie can Break a Massage Chair!? LOL OMG
happybunnyroxmysox says :   12 April 2008   734198  
omb thx so much! katie is actually a real person, but none of it is real. i just
really hate her and she really ticked me off that day, so i made a story about here!

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