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My loves

I've just found out I'm bisexual so i love girls and i love boys. 

1.Girls I love/fancy -
1a. My friend Ella from school
2b. Jadeygirl
3c. If any others fancy me, add me and send me a message. xxxx

2.Boys I love/fancy - 
2a.. Rupert Grint (going off him a bit now)
2b. Gerran Howell
2c. This really hot boy my dad sat next to on the plain back from Almeria in Spain on (can't remember exact date, on a
Friday morning in August. By the way, if you think there could be a slight chance you could be this boy, please could
you send me a message. thanks.  

Extra information on 2c. :
We got on a 'choose where you sit' plane at (i think about) 10:35am (when we were due to) Friday 26th August (I think)
and my dad had to sit further up the plain than my mum, my half sister and me. I sat on the inside on the right, my mum
sat next to me and to middle right and a stranger sat next to her, while my sister sit on the inside on the left,
nearest to me, but also sat in front of the boy (he was wearing a dark blue Hollister top and obviously some jeans or
something but i cant remember what). My mum leaned across me and asked this boy (the one i have a total crush on) if
anyone was sitting was sitting next to him, the inside left. He didn't say anything but just shook his head. So we
called my dad up and he sat next to this boy (let's just imagine his name's Tom). I was wearing an orange dress with
white hearts on it and a white rope belt around it (It's midnight so I can't find it to check) and I kept looking over
to him to see if he was looking. I suspect he did once or twice, but I was heartbroken because he didn't show any sign
of me taking his fancy.  I offered my dad a humbug, and even now I question myself why I didn't offer Tom one.
Unfortuantley, my mum needed the toilet, so I had to get out of my seat so she could go. I stood up and stood beside my
dad, who tickled me and so i bent over doubled laughing and scrubbed his head, if you know what I mean. I had a slight
suspicion that he was watching and smiling, but I wasn't sure. 

Then, at luggage claim, I saw him and his mum dad and little brother!!!! Aha maybe he'll catch my eye.....

I was wrong. They were opposite but every time he looked at me, of what I can remember, he looked away again. He was
wearing blue, and all of their luggage was blue! How sexy! OK OK, not that sexy, but I thought it was clever. Tehe!

On the plane, he had headphones and was holding either an IPod Touch or an IPhone. 
He has/had very short brown hair, and slim. 

I dream about him................ No, seriously, I do!!! It's true! I had a dream the other day he took me round and a
corner in the street and kissed me. It was a lovely dream.

If you think you might be this person, then please message me asap!!!!

Love ya,
has11 (hannah)
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  hans11 — Page created: 27 October 2011
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