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My Hobbies and Things I Love

My Hobbies:
1. Tap Dancing - 
Tap Dancing I think is my biggest passion. I find that I just sort of sink into it when I'm at classes. I love the sound
of my tap shoes hitting the ground and making that 'tap tappidy tap' sound; I just feel as if I'm in heaven. I started
when I was 6 and I'm still doing it now. Half way through Grade 2 (they say Grade instead of Year in Tap and Ballet) my
teacher told me that she was going to move me up to the next Grade - Grade 3 - and that although I would be the youngest
and that she didn't think there would be anyone I'd know, she was sure I would settle in fine. And I did! I have passed
in all of my exams, and I don't mean to send myself up or anything but personally, I think I was one of the best in all
my Grades! Shhh! Don't tell anyone!

2. Ballet - 
Ballet Dancing isn't one of my favourites but I enjoy it all the same. I love the way it feels when you fully stretch
your foot out in front of you as hard as you can. I love the sound of you foot dragging on the floor as you circle it
towards the back. I started when I was 3 and I'm still doing it now. Unfortunately, I didn't get moved up any Grades
during my childhood and still haven't but I'm still reaching towards my goal; to become a professional Tap and Ballet

3. Reading - 
Reading has always been a great love for me, all the way through my life and still is. I love it when you hold a book
and you hold the big wadge in your right hand of what you have read and in your left what you haven't read. 

4. Laptop - 
My laptop is one of my great pleasures. My laptop is my freedom because you're free to do anything you like! I was a
very naughty girl when I was younger, because I used to go on youtube and watch lesbian sex videos, and that's why I'm
now a lesbian, although I do love SOME boys too. xxxx
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  hans11 — Page created: 27 October 2011
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hans11 says :   27 October 2011   710610  
Love it babes!!!!!!!

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