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Requests and Commission Info Page

HOLD IT! If you're looking to request an oekaki, you're on the wrong page. please go to for that. 
(edit: after some feedback, i've modified prices. i'm shocked how much my teachers would pay! =) )

This page is for people i've handed out this site to in real life who are interested in buying some of my work or making
a real life commission. 

Currently 5 teachers in my school (that i know of) have veiwed them, and so, yeah. Page for my adoring  older fans? ^^ 

I really have no ground rules for prices, but since I'm your student I'll make sure we can come to an agreement. 
Generally, this is what I was thinking. 

Teachers. i've created a special account for you if you want to contact me by this page. what you need to do is login
using the name " Kelseysteachers " the password is our school mascot (dont forget the s) If by some miracle this account
is used by you, send me a message ( then click send message at the bottom) or comment on this page ( ) Sign with your First and Last Initial if you comment here. 

For a work here, I'd touch it up if its older, and if you ask me to I can slave for an hour so it has nice resolution
for a full page print. I have a special printer that gives good nice color and glossy paper so you can hang it up (in
your classrooms, that is ^^) 

i'd probably ask for 5-20 dollars depending on the size, because the paper is really expensive along with labor and

For a special digital request there are 2 options. I can draw it here then touch it up like above, or Use corel painter

option 1:
I am very comfortable drawing here, and know what i'm doing.
It'll be small,  and it costs points to draw here, so thats limited.
option 2:
I can make the picture as big as you want. there are also many fun techniques in Corel to use :D 
I dont have much experience in the program

I'd like to charge by hour, but if you arent satisfied with that we can negociate after I draw it. I'll remind you I
have no clue  if these prices are permanant, all I know is if I sit at my desk all day for a portrait, I wont be able to
move the next day. 


You've all seen plenty of that in class ^^ I'd like to tell you though that i don't just work in pencil. I'm good in
colored pencils, pens, and charcoal, and if you want to take a risk i'm open to doing pastels, markers and crayon. (i'm
not bad with them, i just dont have much experience) i will not paint something, unfortunately. I actually hate using
real watercolors, and acrylics are just really messy (i've never even tried oils, they're to expensive!!) 

GRAPHITE: handsdown best 
Colored Pencils: will take the longest but come out very nice
Charcoal: For the serious portrait of your husband ^^
Pens: For filling the suddle frame on the wall, but you'll stare for hours finding all the details.
Markers: for the silly, fun, vibrant, and cartoony! i'll go absolutely to town with markers lol
Crayon: for the " i dont know what medium to pick" you cant go wrong with good ol crayons 

I'll draw absolutely anything you ask. (yes, i mean anything) Highest quality canson paper, up to 20x24. 

This is the small sketchbook i'm always doodling in ^^ probably best for small things on your desk or on a coffee table.

If you choose this it's always cheap. $5, $10 if its very detailed. 

the larger sketchbook, i put a lot more effort into these, talking at least 3 hours. set price is $15  but if i spend
more than 3 hours i'll add it on. Note if you request a portrait i'll need a reference picture. 

This wouldnt even fit in my backpack. I only suggest requesting this if you have a set idea in mind and the upmost
confidence in me. But if It turns out good you could hang it on a wall for 50 years and sell it for millions when i'm
dead ^^ If your thinking about this one, you ought to talk to me. $35, $40 minimum depending on the medium. you wont be
dissapointed tho ^^

if its one of the larger sizes i'll give you a discount depending on how much i like you. heh ^^


oh god -_- look i took some photos around here and if you like nature just take a look at
$5 each? high quality 8.5 x 11 paper. its shiney. 

Ok, i've spent 45 minutes typing all that. *cracks neck* enjoy.
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