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Adopt A Pet

Hi Everyone out there in Kupika land I just made this page for the people that don't have pets and there mums or dads wont let them get any. So on this page I invite anyone to sign up for one of these cute and cuddly friends that need a special home so feel free to adopt any of them and tell me and I will officially make it yours and say who adopted it on my This is Liza who's a minature dachshund. Liza is 6 years old and weighs 14 pounds. She needs a home This dog is skippy he is only 7 months old and also needs a home This dog was adopted by: Tweetyeti This is Danny, he is a little shy but is getting braver by the day-needs a home Tis dog was adopted by: ‹Angel_of_Massacre› This is Carly and she is 2 years old- needs a home This is Juliet she is about 3 years old- needs a home This dog was adopted by: TeddyBearLove This is Romeo and she is part pitbull but don't be afraid she is as nice as any of the other dogs if You like this page please comment and if you want to adopt please tell me and on the page I will write your name to say you have adopted a dog also I need more friends
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  greatpumpkin — Page created: 18 August 2011  |  Last modified: 16 January 2012
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‹Mikandycane› says:   18 August 2011   842572  
There aren't any pets..
Joselda asks:   19 August 2011   328673  
where's the pets?????????
new_to_this asks:   19 August 2011   163939  
when will pets be up?
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   23 August 2011   556151  
Hi sophie....get the url of the pics......i wanna adopt a pet ily
greatpumpkin says:   29 August 2011   267159  
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   31 August 2011   726456  
Tweetyeti says:   7 September 2011   964565  
This is so cute <3 I want to adopt 7 month old Skippy  And i will rename him
Butterscotch :D
‹☆★BreathingLies★☆› says:   7 September 2011   189095  
can you put something other than dogs up?
‹SuperSillyPsychoSloth› says:   7 September 2011   424972  
can i please adopt juliet?
greatpumpkin says:   9 September 2011   252498  
Sure I will put your names up and once I have run out of people adopting I will put
new pets up
‹vodka_chaser!› says:   9 September 2011   167306  
greatpumpkin says:   9 September 2011   786099  
I know I said I will put new ones up
‹<3 Forever Yours <3› says:   9 September 2011   180079  
Can I adopt danny?
greatpumpkin says :   10 September 2011   851114  
sure ya can
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