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My Anime Friends

My BFF-Jills, anime-style


Photobucket Court. B - "Life is nothing without music" YAY OPPOSITE TWIN!! Photobucket
Photobucket Court. C - YUKI-CHAN! My Twilight-lovin vamp buddy! Photobucket/br> Photobucket Kacie - "I have dude-a-phobia! It's a word! A big word!" Photobucket
Photobucket Katilix - "MERMPH!" Friends since 1st, friends till the end. Sooo many inside jokes kay! Photobucket
Photobucket Rachey T! - "OH YOUR GOSH! WHAT ABOUT MY GOSH!?!" Spazzzzzzzy...Random...Spaz ilyrach! Photobucket Cynd - Carl...u scare me a bit...and thats why we love u Photobucket
Photobucket Ryan - "IM MORE OF A PRINCESS THAN YOU!!!" FRU-FRU! Kay's sweetie... To me hes the younger brother you love to torture Photobucket Dan - Inkie, Emo Dan...Not really a friend, but hes got the nicknames anyway 4 u court! Photobucket
Photobucket Cody - Mine...Yes, his hair really does that Photobucket
Photobucket Me...
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  gothprincess — Page created: 22 February 2009  |  Last modified: 26 February 2009
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Katilix says:   26 February 2009   711196  

You put a picture of JOEY and CLOD (*cough* I meant Cloud, of course)  for Cody?



Is a picture of my favorite charrie from Ouran High School Host Club. Makes me smile
gothprincess says:   27 February 2009   127132  

yea! he has joey wheeler hair! YAY! haha

hmmm...well i guess i did good then...its kinda ry...
Katilix says:   28 February 2009   747557  
"I have dude-a-phobia! It's a word! A big word!"
OHmygosh I just caught that ^.^

I must have, like, no-dude-a-phobia, then!

It's def Ry o.O
gothprincess says:   28 February 2009   376998  
mhm! u and me both swetie!
Katilix says:   1 January 2010   532126  
Ah GOSH. I just looked at this page and gagged X.X Was I really like that?
Katilix says:   1 January 2010   170027  
In an odd way, I still am in shock that you put a picture of Joey as Cody...
gothprincess says :   8 January 2010   960527  
omg. i totally forgot about this. needs editing. major editing.

why are you suprised? his hair does that!
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