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teh wonderful lovely but deadly Gothi K. Bunny

I am gothi K. bunny
I will rule the world
I am a dork so what
I love Dance dance revolution
I love GIR (invader zim )
I will eventually be the end of the world
i like talking talking is fun
if you find me annoying then u need to run off a cliff >_>
I have violent tendecies *ahem*
everyone deserves to be loved 
I am not a can of soup so dont label meh or try to buy meh
If you hate me have a good reason to
I do have a life and I love it
I live as if there is no tomarrow cause I don't know if there is gonna be one
I speak in fragments alot
I don't have to type lioterate if I don't want to not like i am getting graded (or am i)
yea i am a girl
yea i have some weird obsession with guy clothes 
if you call me emo i will cut you >_>
taco bell is awesome
but subway is the awesomest
I have my healh nut days dont we all
I can go on forever with this you know
If you don't care for what I say then leave
or if you're like meh and can't stare at anything for 2 minutes
No i dont had ADHD or ADD so dont ask
Mess with me and my squirrel will violate you ^.^
I blush easily
squirrel I love you
uhhmmmm I cant think of anything else so yea here is meh summed up in a few sentences well some of meh
You can love meh
you can hate meh
but I still exist in this world just like you do
and i'm not done living 
so u mine as well get used to it 
ok bye bye
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  gothikbunny — Page created: 10 March 2007  |  Last modified: 25 June 2007
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