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tips for girls

hi!  i'm sarah. i give relationship advice.  here are a few tips for girls

1. making boys jealous is not very smart.  the boy normally doesn't get what you're doing and thinks that you like
someone else.  it also makes the boy you use dislike you.

2.yes you can dress to impress, but not to the point of not being yourself. yourself around guys.  turning into this thing that giggles and agrees with anything will not impress boys.  it
will majorly weird them out. cannot go against your princeples to go with a guy.  if you can't be yourself and have morals around the guy he's
not worth it.

5.clingy is not cool number exchanging is ok, but don't call late at night.  

7.don't call the boy too much. guys don't talk on the phone as much as girls do. it gets annoying need to be able to talk to the boy and have a sensible conversation before going out with him

9.don't go with a guy because he's cute and popular. you got to like him for who he is.

10. you need to have fun toghethor, and make sure you like him for more than a friend if your gonna go out with him
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samsnape says:   27 March 2008   192244  
All of this is really good advice.I just try to be myself around my crush!If the boy
thinks your something your not,how do you know if he really likes you?If he doesn't
like you for you,he's not worth your time.
girlfriend_advice_from_a_girl says:   27 March 2008   789175  
your right.  i'm very glad that you can be yourself around boys 
ashleeredger1 says:   29 March 2008   894195  
i know this girl that went out with MY BEST FRIENDS BROTHER because she was jealous
of me for being best friends with her. and they rarely even talk! and she comes to
school and shes all like 
" he is hot. " ( she says his name ) WHENEVER we talk about hot. even TO teachers!
and she all talkes about how they made out. I doubt THAT ever happened.
advice_account_123 says:   29 March 2008   713152  
WOW great advice # 7 is really funny but true lol !!! = ) nice
‹em <3› says:   29 March 2008   838433  
good advice
but that didnt really work for me.......
girlfriend_advice_from_a_girl says:   29 March 2008   329418  
i'm srry :-(
girlfriend_advice_from_a_girl says :   6 May 2008   811127  
no one seems to come to me with things anymore,  i'm glad cuz that means that there
is less problems but very sad cause i got nothin to do
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