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ALL BOYS (and some girls) ARE SO IMMATURE!!!

i made this page because in real life people worry about apperances!! its mostly boys hurting a girl's feelings! i know
this girl who used to go to my school. she didnt have a supermodel's body. guess what? she had a MAJOR crush on this
guy. they both teased each other. that girl thought he liked her too. she asked him out. he said NO! i asked him
privately why he said no. he said "SHES FAT!!!!" so i told her what he called her. next morning she was upset. it wasnt
the first time she was rejected by a boy because of her body. she was tired of it! SHE IS A PERSON YOU IDIOT!!! just
like you are person too!!! a gil with a supermodel's body asked that guy out too. he said yes!! she was like the other
girls twin exept for the bodies!!!!!   UGH!!!!!!!

guess what else? i admit me this girl from camp and all the others from camp hated this girl's guts. thats because she
didnt have a supermodel's body either!! one night i saw her crying. i felt bad and so did my friend. we never seen that
girl as a person only a fat girl. we became friends with her and didnt care what the other people thought! AND the more
we knew this girl the less we knew she was fat. i havent seen that girl again but she had smile when she went home!!!
now i support these people!!

this is what every boy wants from a girlfriend:
-a HOT body
-a BIG butt
-BIG boobs

i have been asked out by 7 boys. i rejected all of THEM!!! my sister told me "they only like you for your body" and i
agreed! i didnt know half of these boys' last name!!! i CANNOT take this anymore!! 

i apologize, not ALL boys are immature. only 3% are smart and dont care if a girl is fat, skeletal, tall or short. if
that girl is feeling good about her body then good for her! dont make her feel bad! if a girl is fat and people hate her
dont be afraid t stand up for her!!! if people will hate you too then too bad! they dont know what they're doing. she is
a person just like every human in the world!!!!!
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  gardevoir — Page created: 2 June 2008  |  Last modified: 5 June 2008
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orihimefan says :   2 June 2008   621691  
this is a good page but my girlfriend is Buietefull(sry cant spell) and she dose not
have a supermodeals body but i dont care so im one of the 3%.>^_^<

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