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Fwopz's Page

If you'd like to borrow this welcome sign, please use the code provided. Please don't alter it in any way.

This is sort of like my "Home Page" It leads to all of my other pages, and it tells the most about me. A great Pet Page to chat and share tips on! This kind of looks like me, but I have shorter hair, and darker eyes. Also, I'm NOT a boy, and I would NEVER wear that shirt! I know how to make a 'girl', but I don't wear dresses! You are invited to be a member of my club! Not just for puppy lovers. If you want to learn how to join, then click here!
If you want me to put anything that you think would make my page better, please tell me! I will gladly put up nice anime pictures, glitter images, and basically anything that interests me... if you see something that is yours, please kupi-mail me! Just tell me what the image looks like, and I'll take it off, free of charge! (LOL!)
Hey, I made this animation all by myself, so NO copying! (Why would you want to copy my user name anyways?) Hello, and welcome to my page! Please read this page, and my profile, to see if we can be friends! Please rate my page! I would really appreciate it! Even if you rate it 1, I would like to know what you think! I love High School Musical! My favorite song in High School Musical is When There was Me and You. You can listen/watch it here: I also love Hannah Montana! Here's a music video of Best of Both Worlds. Please see my Oekakis! Here my favorite one is

Hello! My favorite color is light purple, and I am a girl. I am only 11 years old. Some people look up to me, and some look down (I'm very short, but I'm not fat.) I can do many tricks in gymnastics, such as front hand springs, back hand springs, front tucks, and back tucks. I wear glasses if I need to see something far away. I have many cool glitter words like the one above! I can even make you one! Just email, or contact me through Kupika-mail. I am an okay artist, and an okay singer. Paw prints... they lead to Tails page! Please visit my friend's page. She is my friend in real life, not just in Kupika. Hey! If you want to pick up your glitter code, then here they are! Just Click on the word "Pick up Codes". It will lead you to a page. Then, next to (or under) your Glitterz, there will be a little box with weird font inside. Right-click it, select 'Select all', then select 'copy'. Now, go to your page, right click, and select 'paste'. Then, watch your Glitterz Sparkle bright! Even at midnight! And please don't alter the codes!

Pick up Codes
All about me
Favorite Color: Light Purple Favorite Foods: Corn, Pizza, Spaghetti with Soy Sauce, Pirate's Booty (They're kind of like cheesy puffs, but they're organic) Favorite Animals: Puppies, gerbils, otters What I'm most afraid of: Spiders, because they are creepy and crawly, and once I thought I had gotten bit all over the hand by one, and I freaked out My best friends: Rachel, Jackie My favorite High School Musical song: When there was me and you Favorite actress: Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens Favorite Subject: Writing Why I like it: It's creative What color the walls of my room are: Um, that's an interesting question... they're light blue, but I wish they were light purple What I look like: Find out for yourself right here! Favorite book: I don't have one Favorite type of food: Salty Favorite Joke: Why did the chicken cross the road? The answer: Everyone say it out loud! To get to the other side! I learned it differently: There are a lot of versions!
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  fwopz — Page created: 9 January 2007  |  Last modified: 11 February 2007
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fwopz says:   10 January 2007   134961  
Hi! I have to take out the recyling... GRR!
sent says:   10 January 2007   819362  
nice pic
‹em <3› says:   10 January 2007   162898  
thats funny
fwopz says:   10 January 2007   343275  
Hey, does anyone want to be pals?
‹em <3› says:   10 January 2007   675644  
i will
i thought when u said u had to take out he recycles was funny
fwopz says:   12 January 2007   194313  
Oh... well, it's not, because I HATE taking out the recyling!
CatNick101 shouts:   16 January 2007   459691  
This is sooooooooooo cool!!!
Mamie says:   11 February 2007   284817  
Hey I love your page my profile is like that but you seem real cool so if you wanna
be friends then YES!!! If you don't well thanks anyway.
holliebaby whispers:   28 February 2007   976858  
i love u
fwopz says :   1 March 2007   566871  
You do? Why? Do you know me? (LOL!)
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