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‹boo yaaa mann :3 :)›
23 M United States of America
speaks English and Spanish and French
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 the guy no one notices even when he walks right in front of them :'(
a peace of my friends magic

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LUNA JUST HACKED YOUR SORRY @$$ lunauaua was here ILY


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22 Jul 10
[x] You have eaten fish food.
[x] You have eaten dog food.
[x] You have eaten cat food.
8 Jul 10


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EmoLolita 27 Jul 10  

Rosa- O_O'''
‹boo yaaa mann :3 :)› 27 Jul 10  
ohh yaaa
EmoLolita 27 Jul 10  
‹boo yaaa mann :3 :)› 27 Jul 10  
i am not rapingg
EmoLolita 27 Jul 10  
‹boo yaaa mann :3 :)› 27 Jul 10  
i take back my pants and put them on and puts you on your bed -hello heello
EmoLolita 27 Jul 10  
~thanks pants~ GAH! WHERE ARE YOUR BOXERS, MAN!?!?!? O_O'
‹boo yaaa mann :3 :)› 27 Jul 10  
man i warned you not to take them there all are in the washer
EmoLolita 27 Jul 10  
I must! They is delicious!
‹boo yaaa mann :3 :)› 27 Jul 10  
i run away ahhh she is trying to eat my pantsssssssss
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